membership site

  1. Degen

    [journey] Onlyfans membership site [without hosting anything]

    Recently I have received a suitable subreddit from @zionbar as part of his new BST review. I am going to use that subreddit to promote my very own Adult membership site. The content that are shown to the members are all from Onlyfans, but are not leaks available online. The site. I am going...
  2. JouvanJohnson

    [Journey] - $0 to $5,000 per month in recurring revenue in 90 days

    My target is to grow my website from zero to at least $5,000 MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue). I thought of the idea to document it yesterday for both accountability and to force myself to write more which will improve my content creation moving forward. So the deadline is 16th May 2022! So...
  3. DigitalDaniel

    CRM Stored Data For Repurpose

    I have a lot of stored client data on my CRM that I would like to repurpose. Is there a way to extract said data and use somewhere else? Thanks in advance!
  4. Websettled

    Which Adnetwork should I Choose for my Nulled and IM Membership website?

    Hello to all members of this precious community. Learning from all of your Journey and tricks I have managed to grow a Nulled, IM course membership website but now I want to expand it through placing Adnetworks advertisements and earn some cpc through it so that I can give this community my best...
  5. Sandie2018

    Making a membership site guide?

    Hi, Is there any comprehensive guide here on BHW to start a membership site? Thanks
  6. F

    membership site

    Hi I wanna create a membership site where the subscriber submits a form and then gets a custom membership area based on his answers, the membership area it differs from subscriber to subscriber (I hope everyone gets it) I find it difficult in wordpress, anyone knows a plugin that can do this...
  7. Lamelo Ball

    How to Build a PLR Membership Site?

    After doing research I feel PLR membership site has potential to make good money. I already acquired a solid two words domain. I don't want to fill the sites with low quality or other mass shared PLRs. I plan to sell my own written or brought quality PLRs on the site. I will slowly build...
  8. ArcticPanda

    Journey to a Legitimate $250,000 PER YEAR Online Business

    Introduction This is going to be my first Journey thread in a long time, as I haven’t been overly active on the forum in recent months. However, I have recently started up a website which I thought might interest other people In this Journey I plan to be 100% transparent about EVERYTHING! I...
  9. Arc717

    Trying to make my own Membership Website.

    As the title says I'm trying to make my own site that allows users to pay a monthly fee for a membership, login, renew their membership, cancel their membership, etc. I would like to restrict one page on the site to paying members only. I would also only like to have one account be logged in...
  10. C

    What is the best social backend membership for wordpress?

    Can anyone recommend where I can create a way where users can login using facebook or google into a membership portal into a wordpress site? Or would that have to be a forum framework?
  11. nanohits

    [SoftwarePro Platinum] The Only Membership You Need To Crush It In 2019 - New Apps Added Regularly!

  12. Determined Diva

    Membership website set up needed

    Hello everyone I am looking for someone that can make a membership website for me. I want it to be on WordPress so that I can add my pages and posts to it with ease. I am well versed with WordPress but this time around I don't want to waste any time on learning things because I have quite a...
  13. Determined Diva

    Customer Retention

    Hey everyone I have been contemplating on membership business models. 1. Would you say they're beneficial in the long run? 2. What does customer retention rate depend on according to you ? 3. Do you drip feed your subscribers ? 4. Do you think high price points attract the right clientele...
  14. Ziwok32

    Content For Adult Membership Site

    Hi! I was wondering where exactly can I get non-watermarked adult content for my membership site?
  15. XepHanD3c

    Membership Website Platform copyrighted Video Hosting question

    Hello guys, It it is really fascinating how much quality material is on this website. I looked around and found pretty much which host needed for video hosting and where to buy a domain. I do have a question. I read few post and figured the best option for copyrighted content is to have self...
  16. B

    [BHW HELP] Creating a Site With Virtual Tokens/Coins

    Hey BHW! Longtime lurker, but now I'm bringing my vision of a site to you hoping you can help me make technical sense of this. My vision: I want to create a site that allows members to bet against each other using tokens bought through the site. Once the bet is complete (and reviewed by my...
  17. zeratoxer

    Suggest alternative CMS safer than Wordpress

    Hello. Considering building a membership site. With photo and video content which would be paid for via subscription model. User data has to be real safe. I heard from my friend who is an experienced developer that Wordpress is a such a vulnerable CMS for ecommerce, easily hacked. I trust his...
  18. L

    Need Amember Expert

    Hi Guys, I am looking for an amember expert to setup a wordpress membership site for me. The project is very simple. Amember is already installed and integrated wordpress. Please pm me or reply here and I will contact you asap.
  19. LamborghiniDreamer

    Targeting Entrepreneurs in the CITY! BUSINESS IDEA

    Hey My Name is Giovani and I have been wanting to start an online business for the past 2 years now. and just now started taking it serious. I have a business idea and wanted to run it by you guys to see if this can be a profitable business model Before I reveal this Idea/Biz model I first want...
  20. fastlinks

    9000+ PLR product membership site ready, how to market it?

    I have done upload 9000+ plr and master resell right product and have make a drupal membership site for it. can anyone tell me the best way to market it?
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