1. csebastian

    Launch date for Megaupload 2.0 REVEALED + Bitcoin Will be $2000+

    Launch date for Megaupload 2.0 of January 20, 2017. Bitcoin is coming off a rough week in the community and in the press, but you know what they say: “Thank God it’s Friday!” Count me among the many who are looking for a much better story to stew over besides another Bitcoin theft, and Kim...
  2. ShabbySquire

    Kim Dotcom announces Mega, successor to Megaupload - A new star born?

    Kim Dotcom may be sticking two virtual fingers up at the feds as he plans to create another file-sharing site. It seems he'll be sidestepping the usual laws by utilizing encryption technology, and by avoiding the 'we'll bend over for the feds' US hosting services. Hopefully coming to you...
  3. zoomsixx

    Kim Dotcom releases a teaser for Megabox [video]
  4. _Biju_

    The real reason MegaUpload was taken down

    In December of 2011, just weeks before the takedown, Digital Music News reported on something new that the creators of Megaupload were about to unroll. Something that would rock the music industry to its core. ( I present to you... MegaBox. MegaBox was going to be an...
  5. tendemo

    SOPA, PIPA postponed !

    Both SOPA and PIPA have been shelved, and ?no further action? will be taken until a general consensus has been made, and compromises sought. Hey Mods or some oldies Kindly provide proof as I cant post links yet. Thanks ten
  6. Q

    Premium link generator tool with hidden download feature. FREE and UNLIMITED.

    leechstarscom is easy to use multifile, free and unlimited premium link generator tool with hidden download feature. In simpler words LeechStar allows you to download almost anything from internet! Just insert the link of the movie, press 'Download' and then 'save to computer', and the movie...
  7. J

    MegaVideo as of Nov. 2010

    Hey guys, I know this have been discussed a few times, but I can't find up-to-date information about it... As of November 2010, do anyone knows if a MegaVideo account will most likely get banned if it's hosting copyrighted material? I'm not from US, but from Canada, and I guess there will be a...
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