Kim Dotcom announces Mega, successor to Megaupload - A new star born?


Nov 30, 2011
Kim Dotcom may be sticking two virtual fingers up at the feds as he plans to create another file-sharing site.

It seems he'll be sidestepping the usual laws by utilizing encryption technology, and by avoiding the 'we'll bend over for the feds' US hosting services.

Hopefully coming to you January 2013.

Source: Guardian UK
Brilliant move. Rumor is he will have tons of people in the music industry promoting it, also. Which has to infuriate a lot of executives...
The encryption technology marks a major change from Megaupload as Mega operators will not have access to files, a move that is aimed at making them immune to legal action over copyright infringement.

Amazing move by Kim. Looks like this time he is fully prepared.
And this one as well, lol.

According to Dotcom, much of the traffic was driven by US authorities. "FBI agents pressing reload. We see their IP [internet] addresses," he said on his Twitter feed.
I sure hope he kicks butt on this - pulling for him. It was horrible, what they did to him and MU was awesome. Thanks for the heads-up!
there was an awesome feautered article about Kim in the current wired. Really worth the read ( and the purchase of the mag, as every month )

Interesting: megaupload had 4 percent of the whole internet traffic according to the article
Kim is such an innovator he'll be out of this mess soon and i bet he'll get alot of restitution from this fuck up when he wins in court.

I heard that feds got butthurt when he announced megabox so that could of propelled their cause to try and lock him up and take down what he's currently working on.

Sometimes certain people in certain places have too much power, this is a great example because there was no reason for him to be raided on any basis as well as his site being taken down.
This dude will bounce back like all survivors do - awaiting with interest his spectacular resurrection!

It is bound to be full of intrigue and who knows what else...
[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Odwyer, guy who made TVShack recently got a wristslap deal so Kim may be able to slide[/FONT]
Kim Dotcom made his money by stealing, people here are quite stupid to see him as an as someone, really stupid, he is just a petty criminal and he is using all the publicity to lunch another site that will copyright everything.

There are talks for an internet identification card, or personal internet code where you can't get online without entering your code, well why because of guys like Kim Dotcom and idiots like you who don't see it and then come and cry here that ACTA will get our freedom, stupid people don't deserve freedom.
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