1. S

    PPV ethical?

    Do you think it is to steal someone else's gain? What is your opinion? I read an article yesterday and the author says is to steal.
  2. methos

    2 Inquires about MediaTraffic !!!

    Dose MediaTraffic compatible with Voluum tracker tool ? Do they accept direct linking or not ? thanks
  3. W

    Which campaigns convert the best on Mediatraffic?

    Hey guys, I've been struggling to get a couple of campaigns that covert well on mediatraffic... I've been using colon cleanse and other trial ones but no success at all... Is there something wrong I'm doing?
  4. B

    monetizing ppv

    Hi everyone, this is actually my first post on blackhatworld. Nice to meet you all. I've been with mediatraffic for a little while and have tried literally everything I can think of to monetize this traffic. I've bid on strictly domains, niche-relevant keywords, signup pages for specific...
  5. D

    Zango - MediaTraffic CPA's and tracking

    I'm about to try my first campaign with media traffic and maybe zango later. The only problem I am seeing is tracking which keywords accually convert. With adwords you have tools like affiliate radar which allows you to see you converting keywords without having to install code. Because these...
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