1. T scam?

    Ive been a member of several months, I was reluctant but thought id give them a try. At first it was good, thought their stats dashboard is quite basic. The problem now is i am wondering if it is just a scam? To date ive not been paid! i messaged them and was told id get paid on...
  2. C

    Is anyone having low rates issue with MGID & Alternatives?

    Hi, I was using MGID native ads from the couple of months things were fine but suddenly from 7th july rates got down to 70%. Now i dont like it. My traffic is form India. My account manager told me that they have some issues with there Advertiser. More than a month have been passed away but...
  3. Xaliu

    Got Approved on

    I recently got Approved on on my News site. Being the first time on I have like 500 - 700 daily traffic. I'm a bit confused on some things. Like how to optimize ad codes in my site. Increase earnings. Advertising platforms to boost traffic. I'm open to any suggestions...
  4. Teimuraz Bajelidze

    adsense or which pays better?

    I'd like to know which one pays better so i can set it up on my blog. my website business content and daily unique visitors 700.
  5. kabsedo Ad network best paid traffic source

    Does anyone know the best way to promote a website with Ad network on it? Or any paid traffic source that can increase my RPM on I need an answer
  6. Perrybeard82

    Media. Net RPM dropping fast

    Hiya guys just started using and noticed my rpm dropping like crazy with the more traffic I send to my page for example day one had only 12 views and the rpm was just over $78 now I'm getting 2k plus visters it's gone down to as low as 0.01 rpm. Is this normal. Does anyone know how to...
  7. Savvy Rose

    Any tips and tricks to get approved for

    I am writing some wordpress blog write now to increase my post counts right now it's 3 but I think upto 20 posts I'll not apply on but after that I'll for sure apply on it. So any know any tips for ?? please share if you do
  8. M real or scam??

    Recently I worked with and start making decent earnings but before first month (and getting paid) my account got banned. The account got banned for low quality traffic. I recieved the warning email on the 19th and took off all links immediately but the next working day I got...
  9. P

    How to track/monitor creatives/ads appearing on my website?

    How do I track/monitor the creative of the advertisement appearing on my site from any tool that I can use to place a code on my site?
  10. cycoshas

    Need Account

    I have a website who have 11k monthly traffic just from Google , And I have Adsense add linked on it. I am earning well. But I tried 2 times on I received an email after applying for that I was disapproved, Need advice how to get account on or Is there place...
  11. Deuris

    Question about

    Hey, guys Recently I asked about the best Adsense alternative. So, as many of you suggested I have chosen But how they actually calculate revenue? Two days ago, when I add my first ad I had 207 impressions and have earned 2$...But Yesterday I had 5,500 impressions and earned only...
  12. L

    I need some sites is using ads and some sites banned by

    I'm needing some sites using and some sites banned by I'm creating a free tool to check if a website or domain is banned by So that i need them to get some information. Please help me. Thank you very much everybody.
  13. F Reviews

    I've heard multiple things about, I've heard people have a very good RPM varying from $2 to even $7 or $8 and I've heard that their RPM's tend to drop after the first week or so to very low numbers. If you have used before, what is experience with their RPM and earnings?
  14. F vs. AdSense

    I'm looking to try out on a few of my websites and I've found that Google's text ads with arrows work best for my sites. Does anyone that has used before know if any of their ads have arrows like AdSense's text ads have or similar to those?
  15. F

    Media. net Help and Advice [PLEASE]

    I've been thinking about trying new ad networks out alongside Adsense or instead of Adsense and I have not yet tried but I heard they are similar. What is an average RPM with Do they have arrow text ads like Adsense? Anyone with advice or experience in will help...
  16. J

    Does pay per click or per conversion?

    Does pay per click? I tried to click on ad, the page with other ads opened. So website owner gets paid just for the click in his website?
  17. F vs. Adsense [Help]

    I still use Adsense but I am looking for possible alternatives and I hear the Adsense's top competitor. How does it compare to Adsense as far as CPC, CTR and RPM. If you have used ads what is your average RPM?
  18. Resolute Payments

    I'm just wondering- when do they send payments. I've recently started using them and I hit the payout last month, so, I'm wondering when do they usually send payments if anyone has any experience with them. Do they send it automatically after I add my paypal account or do I need to do something...
  19. officialgt

    Tricks to get Media.Net Approval/Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads

    Recently i requested an invite to join the yahoo bing contextual ads but after 3 days they sent me an email that they can't approve my website :ranger:. Does anyone knows a good method to get approved or is there any other ppc signed up with chitika and infolinks but they are both not good :(...