1. W

    MaxBounty = scam or not?

    Hi BHW! I've been promoting a Maxbounty product. I've generated ~500 clicks as evidenced by the attached screenshot. Despite this, I've had 0 conversions. Which is absolutely absurd considering the traffic I'm driving is laser-targeted. I know for a 100% fact I have had conversions based on my...
  2. Bedazzle

    I need a MaxBounty Affiliate Manager Contact ASAP, PM me if you have an account.

    If your MaxBounty Manager is not Andrew, PM me their details. I need to speak to someone at MaxBounty ASAP. Thank you.
  3. Walterwhit

    Maxbounty Affiliate Manager

    can someone please share me skype of their maxbounty affiliate manager, mine is so unresponsive & unprofessional :(
  4. backflipbenny

    MaxBounty Campaigns - I Need Help, Am I Doing This Completely Wrong??

    Hey there, My situation is, I'm very new to CPC and Affiliate Marketing, but I got approved, got some hosting and got a site set up to create landing pages for campaigns, and now I'm very interested in creating Microsoft search ads as my main traffic source. However, the campaign I've been...
  5. theTopG

    Approved affiliate at MaxBounty + Your Marketing [we work together]

    hello bhw members! I am an approved affiliate at MaxBounty which has a lot offers and a lot different niches! I have good experince in telegram marketing, and previous experience in other social media apps.. Let's partner up and make some cash!
  6. L

    Method for beginner: Make money promoting Paid Online Survey Sites (up to 30 Dollar per day)

    At Reddit you can find many subreddits (For Example "Beermoney" and "Workonline") where people are looking for ways to make some extra income. There are actually some good Paid Online Survey Sites where you can make some nice extra income. Examples are Swagbucks and InboxDollars. In this method...
  7. P

    Maxbounty tipalti PayPal payment.

    How much time tipalti to get approved your documents for PayPal amount in Maxbounty. Maxbounty released my payment on 17th may 2023 on Wednesday. How much time it will take to get first payment from Maxbounty.
  8. L

    I need Help in Affiliate

    Hello affiliate experts can anyone please tell me best websites for affiliate other then CLICKBANK AND MAXBOUNTY Because click did not accept new accounts now and maxbounty i am not recieving a call so is there any other good company Thank You
  9. L

    I need help in maxbounty

    when i try to register on last step when i click submit this error comes Cannot read property '0' of undefined can some one please tell me how to fix this error or any kind person who can give me maxbounty please Thank You
  10. R

    Why Maxbounty links redirect to Google search??

    Hi everyone, I am new here and Into affiliate marketing as well. I joined maxbounty and started promoting offers on medium and other blogging and question/answer platforms through hyperlink. After few weeks I noticed that my links were not directing to offer page, rather when I clicked on...
  11. Drramu

    [Req]Need a little help with maxbounty

    Hi guys! Wassup? I recently got approved by max bounty, and i need abit of help in setting up a campaign. If anyone could help , kindly PM me or reply here. There would be few noob questions only. TYSM Regards
  12. G

    craiglist and cpa?

    making money with craiglist methods. Still valid in 2022?
  13. Castle770

    Maxbounty problem

    Hii, I think my title give a wrong impression but never mind. I'm a new member on maxbounty was approved without website and messed up on call maybe he liked me that's why I was approved hehe. But really I found some very good offers over there and it's shamefull if I couldn't make any money...
  14. Z

    Maxbounty Offer Link Customization

    Hi guys, Just wondering, is it possible to edit your affiliate link without hurting the tracking within the network? So basically, there's a offer on maxbounty and the affiliate link that is generated to me lands on a page where there's a very long video (Dur: 30mins), when someone reached at...
  15. MehtaM

    How to promote health offer(whitehat) safely through Google Ads?

    I'm trying to promote a health product through Google Ads but my account gets suspended every time. The product is from a well known affiliate network. The campaign is whitehat. I'm promoting long review article with affiliate link CTA. I see many ads of the same product so others are promoting...
  16. Ente123

    maxbounty started to shave really bad

    a year ago i promoted the same offer on another network and i had a conversion rate between 8% and 15% but it got removed from that network and i found it on maxbounty in march i had 14% CR on MB then i took a break from CPA yesterday i had 238 clicks and 0 leads on the same offer :)) it s free...
  17. MehtaM

    MaxBounty Applicated Rejected!

    I applied for MaxBounty and provided all neccesary information correctly. Within 15-16 hours my application was rejected without the interview! My AM hasn't added me back on Skype to read my message. I called my AM and she asked me to send an email to their compliance team but I haven't heard...
  18. MehtaM

    How to promote sweepstakes CPA offers like "Win a chance to get ____" on Google ads safely?

    I'm aware that Google doesn't like sweepstakes and giveaway ads. I have some questions for people who are experienced in this. Is cloaking is neccessary or a bridge page/quiz page will work? Will YouTube ads be easier than Search ads? What kind of precautions are neccessary for compliant ad...

    what happened to maxbounty?

    site wont work and i can't sign in How about yours?
  20. H

    Maxbounty Didn't pay on net 15

    I got approved by maxbounty last month and made 250 $, I was supposed to get paid on this 15th but didn't get anything. I am getting worried about if it's jumped to the next month or do I need to do something.
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