1. DeRoyce

    Jarvee 'sorry, you're following the max limit of accounts'

    Hey everyone! Has anyone had this error recently? It's pretty strange, because it started like a week ago and more and more accounts are getting it. (I've never had a problem with it, even though I've been botting for months) It can't be proxy because I changed proxies (from accounts that has...
  2. BlackCloud84

    Max Video File Size

    I've created a video hosting website that allows users to upload an unlimited number of video's and embed them into their own website (Reason: DMCA issues and Server Costs). The site was originally created for anime websites(episodes that are 23 minutes long usually), but now we have some...
  3. D

    Aged Instagram account for max results?

    Sup guys, I'm looking to buy some aged instagram accounts soon. I planning to automate them all through mass planner. I've seen some suggest to buy 6 month old accounts to 3 year old accounts. But I want to know what you guys think. From your experience how aged does an account have to be so...
  4. CarlSagan

    How many outbound links makes a backlink lose too much juice?

    I'm analysing potential PBN domains on ahrefs but I see some of the strong looking backlinks have a large amount of outbound links. Roughly how many on average is considered the maximum to keep the juice good? I was thinking around 20 but I have no idea. Thanks. Also i'm starting to see a...
  5. mojamalatajna

    Change the payment option in Max Bounty

    How to do it, i have my account for a week already. And i can do it without calling anyone ?
  6. markomarkogame

    Looking for a Max Bounty account

    Interest if someone is selling them ? Would need one, also what are your toughts on max bounty?
  7. T

    alexa rank of 15000 visitor site?

    A site have about 15000 visitor per day - info by google analytic. and the site attained about alexa rank of 180k - 200k. Let's comment for this?? i wonder if the rank is optimize for The 15000 visitor site. Max rank can be reached?....
  8. J

    Twitter Follow Limit Per Day

    I have 3 accounts in which I am following 100 users per day, I am wondering if I could do anymore? Maybe 1000 per day? Thanks
  9. B

    Maxbounty questions

    I just got accepted at maxbounty and I was wondering how to go about marketing some of the one-field offers. I was thinking doing the craigslist method (post under the free section) and doing a direct link from the email reply that I send. However, I am not sure if this is the best way. Do I...
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