mass emailing

  1. Oudman

    Does mass emailing to scraped lists work?

    Okay, let's call it by its actual title: Does spamming work? If it does, then I'd like to know how to do it the right way. If it doesn't work, then why people are still doing it?
  2. BornLeader

    PLEASE HELP: Stuck on Bulk Emailing

    Hey everyone I been watching this guy on facebook and hes been teaching his subbies how to -extract emails by keyword -Bulk email 1000s of people per month I bought the software Sendblaster 4 pro and Email Extractor Pro. I thought I was good to go. I didn't realize the sendblaster required a...
  3. O

    Mass Email sending

    hi i need some one who is good at email marketing. i have a list of 100k email from 1 of my website. i need to mass email it for my another website. The email content is promoting online casino. I will pay for all the costs for setting up. I will pay your quoted salary. Please PM your Skype...
  4. G

    Do I need a Linux SMTP Server - With IP Rotation ? Mass cold emailing

    Hi guys, First of all, thank you for reading my post, some people here are TOP and spend their valuable time helping us, thanks. I want to run a B2B Lead Generation agency. -Find contacts: I have a system to scrape emails and contacts, and generate more of them through LinkedIn. -Send...
  5. linuxsmtp

    Email Marketing the best way to Make Money Online

    Its been a year since the last time i posted here in Blackhatworld.Too much coding gaves me anxiety for almost a year.Now im back on creating personal smtp / email server. Il give you guys some quick tutorial on emailing. Email list: In order to make money on email marketing you need a...
  6. L

    Is it possible to make money with scraped emails?

    That's my question: Is it possible to make money with scraped emails?
  7. S

    Just Call me Mr Skyrim level 76 lol

    So here's the thing... I have a site, just launched an App, and downloaded about 8-10M emails from a friend to get my business started properly (yes they are active at least 2M I saw for myself). I don't want to place the emails in my autoresponder as I know consequences may be severe but I do...
  8. pm_money

    *HELP* - Need Service For Sending 1mill Emails Daily - Big Monthly Budget

    Hello BHW Crew! It's me again posting - asking for a *SERVICE* where we can send 1mill+ emails per day. - No Warm Ups. - Financial Niche. - CONSISTENCY We have tried quite a few BHWs here with NO SUCCESS... Due to some of the providers being quite well known here on the forum in...
  9. BusinessSmack

    Ask Any Mass Emailing Questions

    I have been email marketing for over 5 years now and always like making connections for possible JV's. If anyone needs help setting up their Mass Email Autoresponders. I have lots of experience with BHAR, TEAR, and Interspire. I mainly push dating offers but have expanded into other niches...
  10. A

    Mass Messaging on Website

    Hi guys, I have been working on some sites for a few months now, 10 in total. I'm ready to start promoting them however I have one main website that I would like to target for email addresses. The website however uses a simple pop up message form to email users, the form requires a subject and...
  11. A

    Mass email sending kicks butt did not know it was so good!

    Hi guys, Just posted a thread (waiting for approval) in the JV section, I am a coder and i have made a email scraper that is super quick and can grab mails from any site, i also made my own mass mailer..... anyway i can send around 1m inbox emails a day and of course all emails are targeted...
  12. D

    New Email Marketer here

    Hello everyone, My names is Dennis, I've been working for some time in Email Marketing, looking for people interested in delivering big volumes of traffic.
  13. sercon

    Need An Experienced Guy For Mass Mailing - Daily Payments - Big Money

    Ok, so i`ll cut straight to the point. I have a huge deal with my partner that also has an Affiliate Company: - Daily Payments - $500 Minimum Payout - Accepts all kinds of traffic, no questions asked. - Bulletproof Company you will get paid 100% sure ! I have 3 guys who are already testing our...
  14. C

    Need Quotes On Renting Clean SMTP's On VPS

    I'm looking for quotes on renting SMTP's on a VPS. I want to find someone who I can have a long-term relationship with. I am a reseller of an email extracting software, not MM or MK. This software does not come with an emailer. I am going to give my clients the option to go with a...
  15. sfidirectory

    Using a mass mailer with a VPN

    Hi all, I have a years subscription to Cyberghost VPN and am wondering, in general, are you able to use a VPN to send mass mail and your IP details don't show up in the recipients email headers? I think CyberGhost VPN blocks emails being sent in this way but if anyone knows of a free or trial...
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