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Email Marketing the best way to Make Money Online

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by linuxsmtp, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. linuxsmtp

    linuxsmtp Power Member

    Feb 13, 2014
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    Email / Smtp developer
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    Its been a year since the last time i posted here in Blackhatworld.Too much coding gaves me anxiety for almost a year.Now im back on creating personal smtp / email server.

    Il give you guys some quick tutorial on emailing.

    Email list:
    In order to make money on email marketing you need a targeted list ( opt -in )
    The best way to do this is is to offer something free on your page like ebook , tutorials and so on.

    Cleaning you list :
    We all know that some emails are mistype , dead , full ,
    The best way to clean your list is to send email to your list.If they bounce back it means dead.So some of my clients get 2 setup from me.. one for cleaning and one for sending.

    Your messages ( very important ) :
    Some of us email marketers are always in hurry , they just blasting out like this .. ( buy , good news! , discounts , This kind of messages can be annoying if you place yourself to them right?

    Always use psychological marketing when it comes to email marketing.Just a simple
    "Hi and Hello" open rates are very high because they will think it was a personal message directly to them and not offering something.So got the idea? :)

    And in the body of message always put personal message to think they really know you.Here are example.

    Subject: Hi

    Hey i sent you email yesterday , did you get it? Its very important anyway.Reply me back to confirm that you already got this email..

    Sent from my iPhone

    Note: Did you guys notice the "Sent from my iPhone" below the message?
    To think it was sent from your iphone! Got the idea? :)

    Im sure they will reply to this email, then autorespond follow up with your offer.

    Email / Smtp server
    Another major thing about emailing is your bullet for your email marketing ( smtp relay )
    Your desktop / script / mailer . Is like a gun ( eg. Atomic Mail Sender , Interspire )
    Its all about server reputation even if you have a shitty mailer if your server reputation is good you can inbox.So get a good smtp developer for this.

    Why email go to spam?

    -Your server or ISP ip address are flagged as spam.
    -Too many messages from 1 IP
    -Many people mark your messages as spam
    -Your email server is new (reputation)
    -Repeated messages
    -Your links are flagged as spam
    -Too many bounce email
    -Not good smtp configuration.

    Increasing your Smtp Server Reputation
    Get replies to your first blast asking them if they received your first message.Base on my experienced they very curious about replying .. replies are very high.Use my message above to get more replies to your messages.This is very important for increasing your reputaion on major email providers.

    I hope you guys like my simple welcome back tutorial to all email marketers.
    You can buzz me up on skype - same as my username here

    - Linuxsmtp
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  2. Johnson1370

    Johnson1370 Newbie

    May 14, 2017
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    Please i need tools to power turbo mailer
  3. d3c3ntguy

    d3c3ntguy Newbie

    Mar 2, 2017
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    ill follow this thread thank you for great advice
  4. robinmym

    robinmym Power Member

    Dec 7, 2016
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    Online Businesss
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    Thanks many for such an informative post :)