mass dm

  1. igtaya

    Instagram Mass DM Service: Drive Sales & Traffic to Your Website, Gain more Instagram Followers...

    Contact us now A. Driving sales to your ecommerce store B. Lead generation to your CPA adult offer C. Gaining Followers (music artist, giveaways...) 1) What is our offer? We send messages from our instagram accounts to your potential clients. The message...
  2. P

    Mass DM (Direct Message) Sends - 100k+ Message Sends

    Hey All! I am looking to purchase Mass DMs, similar to a mother / slave method. Our goal is to send a message and clickable @AccountName to targeted users. We are looking to target based on hasthags and country (geo location or just scraping the accounts and filtering out foreign speakers). I...
  3. P

    Looking to learn more about Mother Slave and Mass Dms

    I've been a lurker for a while, but just got around to creating an account. I see a lot of value in the forums especially surrounding the strategy above. I am looking to learn more about the strategy of Mass DMs. I know about the rotating proxies / RPIs.. blah blah. But I think it's easier to...
  4. P

    Instagram Mass DM?

    Anyone have experience with mass DM? What exactly would be the purpose of this?