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  1. klimsmarkus | Twitter Mass DMs Panel

  2. M0805

    Did you try MASS DM for CPA

    Hi guys! I wonder is somebody try Instagram MASS DM for CPA. How many DMs you need to send to get Conversion. Thanks!
  3. PhotoGallery

    [Telegram Mass DM Service] Send Thousands Of Telegram DMs | Grow Your Project And Spread Awareness.

    Telegram Mass DM Service How it works It's very simple! You send us the group(s) you want us to DM members from, and the message you want us to send. We'll take care of the rest! Payment methods Right now, we accept crypto. We can also take PayPal from trusted members. How long does this...
  4. Windnfire

    Mass Mention on Instagram/Twitter other networks.

    Hi BHW, Looking for a service/bot that can mass mention followers on any tweet and the same stuff for Instagram. If you're an expert please let me know. Looking for long-term partnerships. Budget: 1000$ for a test. Friendly, wnf!
  5. J

    NFT Project Looking For Marketing & Mass DMs

    Hello, I have a NFT project ready to go. The smart contract is live, website done, discord ready, social media posts lined up, as well as most influencers ready to go. I do have a discord DM bot, but I was looking for solutions for twitter and Instagram. If you can offer mass DMs on twitter...
  6. J

    Twitter Mass DM

    Looking for someone that can send Twitter mass dm. Thank you
  7. O

    Create mass dm instagram software

    We are looking for someone that is able to create a tool to send insta dms to people based upon certain influencers people follow. - 500k a day. - Top quality - No crappy shit - There is budget if the quality is assured. - People with experience are preferred. Please dm me at tele: @matthiasmtea
  8. A

    Mass DM Twitter

    Hello, We are actively looking for a mass DM service on Twitter. Please PM Best Regards,
  9. A

    Mass DM Twitter Discord Instagram

    Hello, We are looking for a Mass DM compaigns on Twitter, Discord and Instagram. Around 1M+ DMs on each platforms spread over a complete week. With good results, we will renew for more weeks. We prefer one person that can do the 3 platforms. Trusted members please. PM opens Best Regards,
  10. L

    ▶️ MASS DM SERVICE ✅ Cheap and High Quality Instagram Mass DM Service ✅ Send Millions of DM’s per Day ✅

    About the service This is a high quality mass DM service which can be used for various purposes such as growing accounts, finding new clients, generating traffic, increasing engagement, promoting (CPA) offers or creating brand awareness. How does it work? We discuss the results you would...
  11. FatBee

    ▶️ DISCORD SPAM HOUSE ⚡ Reach in to untapped market of 300m users. ⚡ Discord Mass DM Service ❤️

    Payment methods: Only Crypto as of now. If you want to place an order, feel free to contact me with any of the offered options below. Discord communication won't be possible due to the risks of being banned. Contact me on Telegram: Contact me on Skype...
  12. 4

    Scraper + MASS DM Expert

    I'm looking for a Jr VIP and/ or someone with an active market thread who can do the following things: Send MASS DM to members in specific Telegram Groups Send MASS DM to followers of specific Instagram accounts Send MASS DM to subs/ people who joined specific Subreddits If/ when you can do...
  13. xhummus

    ✅ Instagram Mass DM Service! send millions of IG DM's per day to increase SALES & ORGANIC GROWTH!

    Welcome to IG MASS DM Your new method to grow your account, getting sales and new leads on Instagram! What is Mass DM and who is this service for? IG Mass DM is a tool that can be used by anyone who's interested in organic growth, getting new leads or sales! We'll send messages from our...
  14. L

    WTH Jarvee/Mass Planner expert for project

    We need a developer with experience with Jarvee/Mass Planner to help with a project we have. Would include mass account creation, warming of accounts, experience in mass DM services, as well as this type of project in general. We have a large client base, and can't use third party services...
  15. igtaya

    Instagram Mass DM Service: Drive Sales & Traffic to Your Website, Gain more Instagram Followers...

    Contact us now A. Driving sales to your ecommerce store B. Lead generation to your CPA adult offer C. Gaining Followers (music artist, giveaways...) 1) What is our offer? We send messages from our instagram accounts to your potential clients. The message...
  16. P

    Mass DM (Direct Message) Sends - 100k+ Message Sends

    Hey All! I am looking to purchase Mass DMs, similar to a mother / slave method. Our goal is to send a message and clickable @AccountName to targeted users. We are looking to target based on hasthags and country (geo location or just scraping the accounts and filtering out foreign speakers). I...
  17. P

    Looking to learn more about Mother Slave and Mass Dms

    I've been a lurker for a while, but just got around to creating an account. I see a lot of value in the forums especially surrounding the strategy above. I am looking to learn more about the strategy of Mass DMs. I know about the rotating proxies / RPIs.. blah blah. But I think it's easier to...
  18. P

    Instagram Mass DM?

    Anyone have experience with mass DM? What exactly would be the purpose of this?