marketing automation

  1. R

    Can we use automated text messaging tools for local search marketing?

    Hello community members, I have a question regarding local search marketing and the potential use of automated text messaging tools. I'm curious to know if anyone has experience or insights on whether these tools can be effectively utilized for local search marketing strategies.
  2. Charly The Rabbit

    [Viral-Quotes] Invest Once, Promote Your Business FOREVER

    HOW TO PLACE AND ORDER ? Write us an email to [email protected] or visit Attach: Your logo or brand name Write the package you want to purchase. Ex: "Premium" Specify "Square" or "Rectangle" (only for Starter and Master packages)
  3. D

    Starting a digital marketing agency

    Hey, everyone I'm going to start a resell digital marketing agency means i'm going to resell big companies services on my website. so guys i want to know how can i get visitors means targeted audience which convert into client. sorry for my english , thank you in advance
  4. CrazyAnimal

    Marketing Automation Tool - Oracle Responsys

    Hi, Can anyone have an idea about the Oracle Responsys Marketing Automation tool? If so, please let me know I have a doubt in automation program flow for cross channel marketing (Email & Push campaigns)
  5. DMWD


    Tutorials: Tutorials are available for pretty much every feature packed into Robot Chat Messenger Bot. Complete Article Tutorials For Robot Chat Messenger Bot Video Tutorials For Robot Chat Messenger Bot...
  6. lioneds

    Which is better for makering analysis : R or Python.

    I want to use the power of automation to revamp my whole marketing strategy in the long run, I decided to learn a programming language that is better suited for marketing and data analysis. After some research, I found that R and Python are the way to go, but I'm having a hard time choosing...
  7. Jennifer King

    help me master outreaching

    how can i become a master in outreaching? any tricks or tips are appreciated!
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