mark suckerbag

  1. MrDenz

    CONGRATULATIONS! MARK ZUCKERBERG $1.500.000! I'm rich :p

    It's clearly someone who is new to all this, someone who has tried some damn PTC site and after a week went off screaming "I can't make money online, it's a scam", yeah, that type of person. Typing email with WWW. :D Anyone else got lucky with Mark? Btw, if you are new to IM you gonna get a...
  2. Makemeproguys

    Facebook Upvote and downvote feature for comment finally launched..! Big change Facebook finally launched the downvote and upvote features for comments, just like Reddit to tell the quality of comments, the comment with most...
  3. Cyber devil

    [Journey] Road to FB fan-pages empire

    Hi, Cyber Devil here. So the main reason of me starting this journey thread is that I think It'll give me that extra push and motivation to achieve my IM goals. The Plan The main plan is to create a lot of various micro niche fan pages based on popular US niches and then use those pages to...
  4. Cyber devil

    [QUERY] Ad Account got reactivated

    A few days back I created a complete White Hat Ad on FB and after a few hours it was approved but before the Ad could start(It was scheduled for later) I Checked my Ad account and the Ad account was deactivated by FB. So I appealed for reactivation and after a day FB replied apologizing and...
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