Facebook Upvote and downvote feature for comment finally launched..! Big change

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Oct 30, 2017
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Facebook finally launched the downvote and upvote features for comments, just like Reddit to tell the quality of comments, the comment with most Upvotes will be on top and can be seen by all the people who will open the comment box of a particular post..!
Isn't this cool?
I've been seeing it in some places but has this been fully implemented yet?
I've been seeing it in some places but has this been fully implemented yet?

There are lots of discussion about this features , junkee published one tech report about this matter ,they said Facebook users in Australia and New Zealand will be able to upvote and downvote comments on large public posts.

Users in the two countries will be the first to test out the new feature, which Facebook has said will “push those thoughtful and engaging comments to the top of the discussion thread”.
get lots of fake accounts and upvote a link in a comment and get top spot
Thanks, time to get back on facebook. Let's buy some VPS and bot.
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