1. jstarkseo

    Finding someone who can do apple maps & Upwork CC

    Hey Guys, As the title says, I'm looking for a good provider for apple maps and the VCC that works on upwork all the time. Contact Me here tele: Thanks
  2. dealspees

    Google My Business(GMB) Reviews Available! @5 Star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ & 100% Sticky Guaranteed Reviews.

    5 Star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Google My Business(GMB) Reviews Available!! 100% Sticky Guaranteed!!! Pricing: ✅5 Reviews $25 ✅10 Reviews $40 ✅20 Reviews $70 ✅50+ Orders Charge Would be Only $3 / Review ✅ $30 / 100 Google reviews Upvote. Payment Method: $Payoneer $BTC/ USDT/LTC or Any other Crypto $Bank...
  3. C

    GMB US expert needed for adding places to multiple locations

    Hello! We are interested in promoting a business for certain keywords (1-3 total) to multiple US locations to get into GMB pack. As I understand, we cannot claim the business as verification of each location by mail isn't possible. So, we need accounts in major US states, which can add a...
  4. insaneseoguy

    Free Give Away - Proximity Optimization with 300 Pin points on Google Maps

    Hello BHW Family I have learnt a lot from BHW and as a token of gratitude I am offering free giveaway for the first 10 users. What am I Offering : Its called Proximity Optimization or Map Citations . What will you get in it: You will get 300 pin points with your Google My Business Name...
  5. S

    Best map template / integration method for ensuring the text is readable over image

    So I have a client that is very localised, as an example: A locksmith which covers the entire New York area. I want to ensure they are ranking for all localised terms such as: Wueens Bronx but then also the inner suburbs such as fresh meadows. For me to paste an entire list of suburbs within...
  6. T

    Search Local Guides from Google Maps for jobs.

    The work consists of suggesting a web page in a file that is not of my property. You would be paid per published web page, not for the tries
  7. Mirkogiovannetti

    SEO Maps Google Ranking

    dear boys, I would like to ask you for help regarding this photo. I often see people who publish these photos with the results of their ranking on google maps. Can I know the name of this tool? I would also like to use it to study the competition, thanks.
  8. S

    Local guides

    Are local guides still a thing? Do they have any actual value for map editing? Is there a service that provides local accounts?
  9. Mirkogiovannetti

    help about PPC campaigns!

    Why do I never see it on Google Maps searches every time I create a campaign? I would like to focus only on Google Maps traffic. Do you have any advice for me?
  10. omer1777

    Google My Business Fake Listings

    Do you know a good way to remove fake GMBs from google maps? I tried everything. i have hundreds of fake maps i want to remove and i reported to google but google dont do anything to remove them. I used local guide 10 account to report them, i used different emails, i used the new form they...
  11. Jason Charles

    GMB- need higher ranking

    The business has good enough reviews. I just worked on some links. Most of them are set up. I would like for it to show up for certain keywords. Please give me advice or quote me. I did set up paid search for the keyword but client wants organic as well. Thank you.
  12. D

    Best free alternatives of Google Maps API

    Hello BHW, I am an Android App developer and I was working lately (for the first time) at an Android Project that is based on using map. I was working with Google APIs like google map api, google direction api, google places api, but unfortunately after some time I am no more allowed to use...
  13. awakened

    Waze Billboard Ads

    You guys see this shiz about Waze doing billboard ads now? I looked around and didn't see anything posted about it here. Basically, it's like buying a billboard ad on the side of the street, except it's digital, on waze (gps navigator), so when someone is navigating on the hwy past your...
  14. T

    Can you help me crate Google maps listing.

    Im looking for someone who can create google maps listing without real address or ability to verify address.
  15. T

    Scrape Google Maps (places), Yelp, Factual || PAY is $1500+!!!

    I am looking for pro scrapers experience in beating Google. Of course you need to understand, have experience with proxies (aquiring, using...) IP's, etc. You can pad the content with Factual Places and Yelp but Google is most what want. Need to scrape ALL, ALL, ALL categories, in North America...
  16. O

    How to bypass Google Maps listing Verification Process?

    Hey guys, I'm trying to setup 100 google maps listing in a US city. What's the best method to use to get around the google verification process for the address or number or any tips or tricks. thanks
  17. J

    Looking to purchase verified Google My Business Listings/Accounts

    I need to purchase verified Google My Business Listings (AKA Google Map Listings). Anywhere in the United States. Big cities preferred, but will consider smaller cities as well. **Not interested in scammers - I can smell you from a mile away. Don't waste your time or mine. If you can do...
  18. J

    Local Leads from maps

    I'm offering services mainly to hotels, motels, car dealerships ect, but need to find a way i can generate my own lead by zip code, for example (search a zip on google maps for my area) but from there, under the same zip code, find all these businesses that i know truly use my service. right...
  19. shenZi

    WP Business Directory Plugin?

    Hey guys, i want to create an business directory website, which imports the listings of google maps for example. Do you guys know any tool that can automate this with an shortcode for example? Example: [dentist paris] Hope anybody can help me :) Greetings, Shenzi
  20. O

    Google Maps listing expert needed

    I’m looking for someone who can help create 100 fake maps business listings for me. Is there someone who can do this? Thanks.
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