1. O

    How much do manga websites make ?

    I have read a few posts by people who run manga/anime/movie website but no one seems to mention how much they make, that got me wondering how much they could be making per 1000 visits and is this niche worth getting into
  2. Proxyir

    Any anime lovers here? Any money making ideas?

    I love manga and anime since I was a child. I always wanted to create my own anime or to be involved in the anime/manga niche. Are there any ways to make money in this industry and is there anyone that does it at the moment?
  3. anddontcare

    [Hiring] I need an expert to monetize manga sites

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for someone who is really have knowledgeable/expert in google adsense and other ad networks so I can monetize my site more efficiently (it would be something like a mentorship). I have a lot of visits (425.0K per month ) but what I earn is little compared to what I...
  4. mikegeek

    Manga on Instagram

    Hi Instagram page (94k subscribers) a good asset, not bots. Advertising has never been female audience 85% 14-21 age any idea. Thanks.
  5. filiposlovni

    Scrape WordPress

    Hey guys i have been running some manga sites in past with 30-50k visitors and now i plan to start new one with a theme that its really slow to add chapters for mangas but fortunately i found two sites that are using same theme as i do for that site my site is and those two are...
  6. arkamohi

    Manga/Manhwa website monetization/risk?

    Hi guys, I have few questions regarding a manga website if anyone has any answers for that! thanks -how can the website be monetized? -is the website itself against some copyright stuff? and can I be sued for that ? (I live in 3rd world country)
  7. D

    konichiwa! I'm Doom, happy to make your acquaintance

    Hope everyone here and their loved ones are safe during these tough time! I had joined BHW long back ago but from today on I'll be actively participating in this forum ^^ I'm a huge weeb and into Anime, Manga and Manhwa - feel free to talk about them in this thread and mention your absolute...
  8. jogoldirus

    Looking for Vostfr anime provider

    Hi, I'm actually search a provider vostfr anime file for feed my streaming website , did you know someone ? Website like vostfree dot com , have all anime with every episodes , but when a search a provider by choising a random anime , i found nothing , I search since 1 month , specialy in...
  9. C

    how to monetize my Anime Manga site (Not a streaming site)

    i am running anime site where i posted content related to anime and manga. Getting 95% traffic from google and top 5 countries are united states, indonesia, brazil, philippines and vietnam. Monthly organic traffic is 100K. currently using Adsense but CTR is 0.4% made only 5$ in 25k pagviews...
  10. OtakuCloud

    Looking to become a valuable member

    We have been on a similar forum, and was recommended by one of our users to check out this forum. We hope we can bring value to this forum as well as help webmasters earn some extra money.
  11. Kemakevin

    How to make a website like manga and anime streaming.

    I dont know where to post about this thread. Sorry if im wrong. (English is my second language) Maybe this is sound dumb, I wanted to learn any programming/webdesign to achieve that kind of skill. Is there any tutorial or program for me? (Willing to buy) I will dedicate my time to learn about...
  12. dennsen

    Downloading Manga via Torrent for Manga-Website

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this question. Feel free to move it to the right category I already know a place to download my mangas from. But where should I put them? Do I need to put them on my Server? With Animes its easier, I can put them to hosters like vivo, but where should I...
  13. dennsen

    Downloading Manga via Torrent for Manga-Website

    I already know a place to download my mangas from. But where should I put them? Do I need to put them on my Server? With Animes its easier, I can put them to hosters like vivo, but where should I put the Mangas?
  14. xandervic

    How Manga Works On Google Play?

    Hi, i'm into android developments i wanna understand the state of apps that are about Manga on google play. I guess it's kinda copyrighted stuff! So how they get over it, it's kinda confusing o_O
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