malware on site

  1. P

    Secure alternative to Wordpress?

    Hi guys, a client has 2 dozen of Wordpress microsites. It is hosted with BlueHost on a few separate accounts - a bunch of sites per hosting account. The malware attacks are endless and Sucuri service is useless. It doesn't clean sites properly and they get reinfected somewhere on the server...
  2. alishakapoor

    Can malware affected wordpress website recovery a penalty?

    Coming straight to point, I used nulled theme which had some malware (initially was unaware). I found out this when my site was disapproved in google adwords for the same reason. So my question is are there any chances of recovery? If there are what steps should I take to remove malware & how...
  3. alishakapoor

    Any free tool to remove malware from wordpress website

    Thanks for you time!

    Help me remove malware from my site.

    Hi all, So yesterday I tried to run google ad on my site, but my ad got rejected saying it contained malicious or unwanted software. After contacting Google support they have given me 2 links that is affecting my site. Now the problem is how to find those links and remove them, I tried...
  5. creatorsaurabh001

    Malware affecting my SEO and Adwords

    Hi, I started AdWords campaign for my website fees days back. For 7-8 days my ad was live but CTR was very low and suddenly yesterday my ad got disapproved by google. This was caused because of malware detected on my site. I don't know from where they came. Even I lost my rankings from position...
  6. fizakhan1

    Malware Found In Site

    In Google webmaster showing "your site has malware" resolve it can anyone tell me how should i update and remove this malware from my site?
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