mailing software

  1. ch2arn2ain1

    Sendblaster Pro coupons

    Hello, somebody has a coupon for Sendblasterpro? Thanks
  2. D

    Best Mailing Software on VPS

    What you can recommend ? Something like Interspre but maybe cheapier
  3. elviswong

    What do you use to mail your list ?

    I just did my first mailing (lol after all those years) i've never been into mailings, so i don't know a thing about it. I thought it could be great to use mailchimp at first. As it's free and it can work with lots of optin forms for Wordpress. So i went ahead and started building a list. Niche...
  4. F

    What will/best features for a Mass mailer

    Hi, There are number of times people asked me can I code a mass mailer for them? They want to send mail through gmail or other? rotate it.... I just wonder! wow! So, Hi again! Can you tell me what could be the features and funcationalities that will make a good mass mailer. May be...
  5. D

    Need a Freelancer for Bulk mailing

    I need a freelancer with experience in mailing. He must know whats the best way to send emails out so they could enter in inbox; how to configure the dedicated servers for the mailing, and how to use bulk mailing software. We are speaking about 1 million emails/month.
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