1. Nine0wl

    Favorable alternatives to MailChimp?

    What alternatives to MailChimp would you recommend and what do you like most about this alternative? The MailChimp account at my day job was auto banned - why? Because I changed the physical address when the company moved.. After submitting passports and proof of id I'm now just waiting for...
  2. A

    Email marketer needed for big money

    I need someone who can send spam messages in bulk with my link to a large number of emails (50,000+) and hit the inbox with no problem. I have a good way we can make money if you can do this and we will split the profits. Otherwise you can teach me to send emails and I will pay you, but not...
  3. K

    E-Mail Marketer Wanted

    Hi, I’m looking for an experienced e-mail marketer who can send (and inbox!!) campaigns to my list of 5k people. The tasks are: 1) warm up my domain 2) send out the emails that I give to you 3) optimize the inboxing rate If you can help, please hit me up. PS: No worries, I am not looking...
  4. W

    base64 redirection script

    I need a base64 redirection script which actually changes for every recipient it delivers to For example: you send it subscribers through supermailer every client that receives it gets a different link which redirects to the main link you want them to visit.
  5. S

    anyone knows a method to send bulk mail to emails

    Please share if someone got any method to send bulk mail to oranege emails.
  6. K

    Best webmailer (Yahoo/Gmail etc. No SMTP)?

    Hi, I want to send many individual emails via Yahoo/Gmail etc (on the webmail, No SMTP). What are the best up-to-date tools available for that? I found old posts mentioning and, anyone still using them successfully? Thanks
  7. A

    best black bulk mailer as of today

    hi I'm struggling to find the best bulk mailer as of today to send unsolicited emails and not be blocked and reach inbox always. Specs: * support proxies * multiple/rotating smtps * Rotating From address on the same campaign * Analytics * spintex, scripts. spin-images(so every image is not the...
  8. S


    Hi, I recently acquired an email list. It contains 96k emails, it has a niche (somewhat broad/can be applied to various markets), and no one else has it aside from the legitimate organization that collected it. I'd like to know some methods for using it without going to spam so it makes as much...
  9. geekhob

    [HELP] Please is there any free mailer to send me to my subscribers

    I have list of mails I got from a friend, is wanting to know if there is any free mailer I can use to send mails to more than 1000 mails same time. I seriously need this.
  10. Rolf LeStrange

    Physical Marketing - Mailing Lists

    Hi y'all, I didn't know which group to put this in, but to me it's a form a black marketing (even though it's not actually SEO)... My day job is chunky and they want me to buy mailing lists for a physical marketing mailer (letter) to seniors. I know how notoriously seedy and awful mailing...
  11. O

    Has anyone found tools like mailer king and others from myadtools?

    It's been 2 monts since myadtools closed, has anyone out there found similar tools?
  12. K

    Mailerking is gone :(

    Myadtools closed and it is no longer supporting Mailerking. Does anyone know of a similar program?
  13. T

    Problems with Mailerking

    I just learned myadtoolz (maker of MailerKing) shut down. If you have any solution (or are looking for one as I am), please let me know, or send me a pm.
  14. shubhamc

    Mass Mailing Method/Software?

    Hey guys any idea to send mass mails per day? like 100k-3mil/day? I know this question doesn't make sense but still curious to know is there any idea/method/software?
  15. K

    a great inbox mailer tool

    This is a great mailer script, coded verry well, cleane and easy to edit, can send unlimited mails to all bands like gmail hotmail and yahoo. It works in relation to the strength of the server and simultaneously with the complicated SMTP server protocols, undetected as well. prodly shared with...
  16. M

    Craigslist Mailer / Bot

    Hi, I am looking for somebody who could send some emails on my behalf. 1000 at the most. I want to do a search on CL by newest to oldest and email the first 1000 on that list. Originally, I planned to set this up on my laptop but I don't have enough hard drive space for a bootcamp...
  17. R

    I need a good mailer or smtp...

    I'm a constant buy of smtp,mailer or shell..preferably germany or poland shell...DO NOT BOTHER TO WRITE IF YOUR INTENTION IS TO RIP ME OFF
  18. J

    :request: Atomic Mailer Guide or Tutorial

    Hey there everyone, thanks for checking out my post. I have read dozens upon dozens of threads of BHW'ers backing atomic mailer as a good solution for sending mass marketing emails ... however l can't seem to find a definitive guide or tutorial on the best practices for firing off a bunch of...
  19. Johnnyroq

    Craigslist w4m leads wanted

    Hey guys - I'm looking for fresh CL w4m leads if you have them in volume of 1k+ a day. We are having great success with our campaigns and want to set up anyone who would like to test our offers. You simply need to create a campaign with us, we will handle all the heavy lifting. My contact...
  20. J

    What should I do with my lists of facebook emails?

    Hey guys, first post, be gentle... I know everyone's freaking out about Facebook's recent changes, with custom audiences, and I had been compiling lists of facebook emails to plug in, but now I don't know what to do with em... I use Constant Contact to send emails out to mostly people who have...
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