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  1. V

    What kind of CPA for bulk mailing ?

    Hello everyone! First post on BHW after a few months of browsing every possible thread. So first of all, thanks for all the things I've learned from your threads ! So here comes my question... I made a bot that can create a lot of Gmail accounts for cheap. Every Gmail account is SMTP ready...
  2. S is asking for phone numbers

    I have several accounts which are about 4-5 years old. They dont have any phone numbers linked. They used to login fine after filling in the captcha. All of a sudden I am noticing that they are asking for phone numbers , what should I do? Is it me or everyone else is facing the same of...
  3. arzul.cpa444

    Cold email outreach

    Hello guys I got a question. I want to start cold email outreach for my website. To get backlinks and maybe get some collaborations along the way. Therefore I am not sure whether I should use my own branded (official) site or should I use a different domain to do the outreach ? I don't want to...
  4. xxxisthis

    Edu mails (Europe?)

    Hey, are there also .edu mails for Europe (so with a school/university in Europe)? I only see US edu mails…
  5. Florin84

    I need help . How can I collect emails details from companies that have websites in US?

    Hi. Im looking for a way to can get email infos from companies in US and worldwide. I was thinking what is the best place and how can I gather a long list of mail and sent in bulk the mails? Thank you
  6. K

    Is there a way to Track vinculated emails to an email?

    Hello, I want to know if there is a way to track the vinculated emails to another email, to know what are their other emails. Thanks you <3
  7. zhenih


    [email protected]:nw41GDZrScWqCQ [email protected]:Ov7OtxGLbbE4Z3 [email protected]:6VzjqggSrO1cXa [email protected]:XRa8ouQN9Kz0CK [email protected]:Ho2OkBEyXf5HOI
  8. P

    Looking for Belgium mail logins!!!

    Hello, I am looking for belgium provider webmail logins. So with the email and passsword. I want to use it for testing purposes. I am looking for a list with a couple logins preferrably. But, and @skynet,be are also welcome. So if you can help me, please send...
  9. simpley

    How to monetize Target Email List (Is email marketing dead?)

    Hi All If you had Email List how you will monetize them I mean if you have Niche email list and mail server to mail them , what you will do Is email marketing dead?
  10. joshydeep accounts

    hello guys i want to buy account uk or us, we start with 1k then we can go to 10k accounts
  11. R

    About Proxies for Web 2.0 - I Need Help

    Hi Mate, i want to know when i make web 2.0 for backlink. i use proxies from different location like german, france, and canada and etc etc. my main problem is when i change proxy my real location (India) to German and i am browsing and yandex for free mail signup. whole language is...
  12. G

    Postmark Accounts

    Hi I am in need of verified Postmark Accounts..they should be verified and should be able to send 25000 emails. Need on an ongoing basis G
  13. iAhmed

    How about making a custom mail list specific for you ?

    ***All this in theory I'm still planning*** I can extract tons of mails from facebook accounts that engage with a specific fb page (you choose it) and get it to you in csv file. You can use this mails for using it as Custom Audience, you can use it for email marketing, etc. Have some...
  14. D

    Need a Few Email Accounts $5 Per box every month

    I'm looking that can create an email account for me with the following domain ending Charter Cox Century SBCGlobal talktalk (UK) BTinternet (UK) Verizon Comcast Earthlink I'm going to pay a monthly or one-time whatever you want.
  15. virtualbyron

    Be careful when you buy mail/social accounts

    After bought many mail / social accounts to different seller from fiverr and here BHW marketplace, I can tell you be careful of how you will use it! They sell you the accounts, all goes well, you reorder... again and again, and six months later one day when you want to log on you realize the...
  16. virtualbyron

    Mail accounts "ready for use" with BOT like GSA, UD (pop3, etc)

    Hello, I have buy many accounts gmail, live... but some problems, do you know a seller with all accounts ready for use immediately ? Thanks
  17. hatemachine

    Hotmail Assault - The fastest Hotmail Account Creator[ Multithreaded, Socket Based]

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