1. I

    Ranking for longtail keyword, vs. competition with shorter similar KW?

    Hi guys, How possible is it to get a great ranking (1st page of google search results) for long-tail keyword, if the competition is strong for shorter variation of that keyword? Example / explanation: - I'm doing SEO for accommodation website. My plan is to use long-tail keyword, like "best...
  2. PianoMan

    Keyword Research Tools [LIST]

    Hello to all! Here's a list I made with the best free/paid keyword research tools: FREE Answer the Public Google Keyword Planner Google Search Console Google Trends Free Keyword Idea Generator KeywordTool.io keyworddit Keyword Shitter Ubersuggest Reddit ngram SEOMonitor SEO Powersuite SERP...
  3. Wilson Grant Fisk

    Google Auto Suggest Scraper

    # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- import requests import json # here you include your main terms, this can be as many as you like terms = ['wine'] # these are just 'variations' which are appended to the start of your 'terms' variations = ['what * ', 'who * ', 'how * ', 'does * ', 'why * ', 'can * '...
  4. M

    [question] choosing a good longtail

    So I think I found a decent longtail.. but i'm not quite sure of it. looking to ask for second opinions. I did a quick google search of the longtail, and only 3 results in the first 11 results has the EXACT longtail. But the other results has the longtail somewhere in it's paragraphs/links. I'm...
  5. A

    Wordpress or MicroNicheFinder?

    There have been pretty big updates on both these programs, Wordpress expanding their longtail list and MNF moving over to Google-only results (from what I read, correct me if I'm wrong). Of these tools which do you guys find most helpful for finding profitable niches, longtail keywords...
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