Wordpress or MicroNicheFinder?


Nov 1, 2008
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There have been pretty big updates on both these programs, Wordpress expanding their longtail list and MNF moving over to Google-only results (from what I read, correct me if I'm wrong).

Of these tools which do you guys find most helpful for finding profitable niches, longtail keywords, better data, etc.? Are there even better tools you use to get this data?
Eh? Wordpress is a blogging tool, MNF is a keyword analysis tool... Apples and oranges--can't compare!
Ok now im totally confused, WP is a blogging platform and doesnt deal with longtails
Ok micronichefinder is for search longtail keywords
& you implement those keywords into worpdress

are you news into all that shit :)
most profitable would be rent your own dedicated server, build a bunch of wordpress sites and cloak the contents. That'll make you a lot of money if you do it right I think...
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