local internet marketing

  1. J

    can you rank a single website with more than one domain for each one?

    Any advise on this would be great, I will be doing this very soon anyway & if nobody can give advise i will do a case study for the community... I have 3 domains chosen i would like to invest in, all of which are in the same niche, actually they are for an online business i want to start...
  2. oblivion19

    Local results being eaten up by Google Places

    Hey, I haven't noticed any threads regarding this issue. As you have probably noticed, a new update has been rolled out by google which is listing google places listing before the organic results. This has rendered the organic results obsolete since the top 5 results seem to be taken by...
  3. C

    Cheap Local Citation Building Service

    I found this service to help build citations for Google Places listings. wlmarketing 35 listings for $15 up to 300 listings for $110 the turn around time is 7 days and they provide a report with all the links. Has anyone tried this service? Do they deliver what they promise?
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