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can you rank a single website with more than one domain for each one?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by joegodfrey86, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. joegodfrey86

    joegodfrey86 Newbie

    Aug 23, 2011
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    Any advise on this would be great, I will be doing this very soon anyway & if nobody can give advise i will do a case study for the community...

    I have 3 domains chosen i would like to invest in, all of which are in the same niche, actually they are for an online business i want to start...

    each phrase has very low competition in my country and i will be targeting just my country. If i can rank first for each of the 3 phrases i can pull in about 1000 visitors a day

    The question is:

    If i buy hosting on 1 domain for my money site & redirect the other 2 domains to my main money site.
    Can i rank each web domain for the different terms?

    for e.g.

    shoppingonline.com -> money site
    howtoshoponthenet.com -> 301 Redirect to money site
    wheretogoshopping.com -> 301 Redirect to money site

    I will build enough backlinks to each domain name that should rocket my site into 1st position fairly quick, as each domain has a max of 1 local website with the term in the url & mine are EMD.

    But will my site only rank for the one phrase? or all 3?
    Will it rank for all of them & just show my money site url? or show the individual domain names?
    Do i need to redirect to different pages on my site for each domain or can i direct it all to the homepage?

    These questions answered and i think i have all the info on 301s that i need so i can dive in head first :)