1. P

    Where/to who can I sell my email lists to?

    I’m not trying to sell my email lists here, through this post! I just want to know where I can sell them other than BHW Thanks in advance!
  2. R

    Is there a way to check sites by content and keys at the same time for a list match?

    Colleagues, hello! 1. Suppose I have several hundred sites. 2. I have a list of words that are relevant to my queries. For example, everything about cigarettes: smoking, cigarette brands, smoking treatment, etc. - dozens or even hundreds of words. 3. I have a need to check all these sites for...
  3. tattooedbuddha

    [2023] A List of Tools For SEO & Content Writing [FREE & PAID]

    With all the great value other members provide, I felt I needed to contribute, which is why I've compiled a list of tools I find great value in. Hopefully, you'll get value out of them as well! And if you find that I've missed a tool that you find valuable, feel free to contribute and share...
  4. S

    Am looking for a list of 1M Whois sites for ScrapeBox

    I have tried searching for the list online using "whois sit list .zip" and I haven't found any. I'm looking for a list of 1 million whois sites.
  5. A

    How Do I Scrape For Outdated Websites?

    Hello everyone, Can someone guide me how do I scrape for thousands of outdated wordpress websites? I can scrape yellowpages and google maps but how do I find if those websites are outdated or not? Is there a way of doing that?
  6. N

    Look through my Instagram followers and followings and make a list of any inappropriate accounts

    Hi, I am using a follow/unfollow service to grow my personal account. Unfortunately this sometimes leads to my account sometimes following or being followed by some inappropriate accounts, especially since my niche is entertainment and the creative arts. I am looking for someone to go through...
  7. A

    How to bypass Apollo limit

    I'm currently using a tool called Apollo io for lead generation and I've to extract 70k companies. The challenge is I can only view 25 results per page and I'll have to manually go through 2800 pages to get the leads. Is there any way I can automate this?
  8. TheToolbox

    [GIVEAWAY] 650+ Scraped E-Mails Crypto Niche

    Hey Guys! I want to give you all this list of E-Mails. I have Scraped around over 650 E-Mails today. Enjoy it! E-Mails Crypto 650+.txt
  9. TomTheCat

    Here’s a HOTLIST Where You Can Make Money as a Content Creator

    Here is a list with websites where you can sell your stuff if you are a content creator. There are more out there, but you can do keyword researching from those, and find other. If you know other websites, feel free to post in this thread.
  10. Real Human?

    How To Make a Phone Number List?

    I don't know if I'm posting this in the right place.. Please inform me if so. I'm looking for methods to create a phone number list/s targeting a specific category of people ex: Phone numbers of people interested in cryptocurrency trading. How can I achieve this? Thanks in advance.
  11. E

    How To Scrape For Old(outdated) Wordpress Websites?

    How do I scrape for wordpress website that have not updated their wordpress to the lastest version. Do I buy a database of websites? Or scrape google for sites? Don't really have a clue how to go about this. I want to find thousands of sites that are not updating their wordpress websites.
  12. greg75

    Looking for a list of emails of NFT projects to do shoutouts for shoutouts

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a list of emails of NFT projects to do shoutouts for shoutouts and to grow my own community on Discord. I'm also open to hearing other opportunities to reach that goal if you have anything in mind. Thanks in advance
  13. BlackHatPhoenix

    How to compile a massive list of hashtags from Instagram/Twitter with Scrapebox (or other tool)?

    Hello, like the title says I'm trying to create a huge list of hashtags from Instagram/Twitter to later analyze and find out which ones are the most popular. I need a lot of volume so ideally I'd like to have tens or even hundreds of thousands if possible so I can then find out which ones...
  14. C

    please help

    can someone send me the list of free blog posting sites
  15. O

    Leads For A Crypto Project USA Based Only, Let Me Pick Ur Brains!

    So our project in the crypto banking space only has 30 days to generate 10k leads USA BASED ONLY. Every lead must match 2 touch points Email & Phone number. The strategy is to build 10k list make sure it's a quality list that we can later on upload on FB, Snapchat and other network & re market...
  16. M

    Want To Buy HQ Adult Dating Leads

    Hey... I'm looking to buy high-quality targeted adult dating leads with only 24+ older males... If someone can provide me my needs, please contact me over: telegram: @ijijijijijijijijijijijijijijiji P.S.: if u r planning to provide me non HQ leads, please don't waste my time and yours!
  17. R

    [WTG] Email list niched

    Hello guys, I'm wondering if someone have a valid real list niched on web developers or freelancers. Thank you.
  18. Josh Saga

    Not gonna lie I find the Shit List threads quite therapeutic

    It kinda takes away all the stress from my day when a new SL thread got approved - It boils down to me realizing there are people having worse problems in their lives like dealing with Shit Listed sellers - anybody remembers the member who got banned for not wanting to refund $20 a couple of...
  19. hreflang

    [Need] I need list of blog backlink (indexable & Do-Follow)

    Hi dear user I need a list of Blogs to build Do-Follow backlinks Can you give me a list of themes? or tell me some sources?
  20. MoneyMagnet2015

    [Youtube] List of subreddits to boost views

    While looking how to promote my channel found this list of 100+ subreddits, it's pretty helpful: Make sure to read each subreddit rules before posting your content and avoid bans :D
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