linkedin help

  1. KartikJha

    Closing a LinkedIn account | email address used to sign up has been deleted

    One of my close relative created her LinkedIn profile in 2017 or 16. Due to some personal problems, she want to delete her LinkedIn account as it is publicly visible - also visible on Google Image search with her name locally here. She only has less than 50 connections and has never been used...
  2. See Gre

    My Linkedin account restriction

    Can anyone help me in getting my account back. I have given them my identity for verification but they are saying you break guidelines cannot re initiate your account. Anyone on BHW can help me to get back my account. Thanks
  3. B

    How much is too much on linkedin?

    Hello Everyone, I want to grow my linkedin profile and find more business from linkedin but without any warning from linkedin. So I want to know how much is too much on linkedin. How many connections can I have in total? How many new connections can I make everyday? How many groups can I join...
  4. B

    Can you help me to promote on Linkedin?

    Hello Everyone, I am promoting my services on linkedin and searching for new clients in this social media so I need some good reputed linkedin users to endorse my services. Please help. Thank You
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