link cloak

  1. A

    Question about Google Ads Link

    Hi, I am newbie here and studying about Google Ads. I have 2 domains - one(A) is about travel and another(B) is about blackhat. For domain A, I am running GAds. And I want people who click A for specific GAds keyword to move to domain B. I found affiliate link service like Cloakery and...
  2. Dark Eagle

    Is cloaking is legal?

    Dear friends still I am not 100% clear in one question, that , is cloaking legal? If any one can help me to understand, that will be great Thanks
  3. rusemag99

    acloaker alternatives

    acloaker is down! any good alternatives to create redirect cloak file? aside from (they reject my url) i've searched for some but they all want opt-in or it's some kind of software. there must be an acloaker substitute? tnx.
  4. B

    Short a URL with Hide or Fake Referer!!!

    Hi there I think this is the best affiliate link cloaking tool ever. Short a URL, with Hide HTTP Referer or Fake Referer, and even you can used on your own domain name. What else do you want? Just let me know, I will make it right for you.
  5. showbizvet

    Free Link Cloaker

    Want to be clear and say I DID NOT code this, just found it... but it works great. I have (or thought I did) a pretty cool link cloaker, but after spending over an hour trying to get it to work on a new site, I gave up. Of course I knew about making an iframe redirection, but I'd forgotten the...