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Sep 28, 2022
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Hi, I am newbie here and studying about Google Ads.

I have 2 domains - one(A) is about travel and another(B) is about blackhat.

For domain A, I am running GAds.

And I want people who click A for specific GAds keyword to move to domain B.

I found affiliate link service like Cloakery and LinkTrackr, but it doesn't look like it is different what I want.

Is there any answer for it?
You need cloaker for that . Also what exactly you are looking at as you already checked Cloakerly.
Use a cloaker

Justcloak it is expensive for no reason

use "cloakit". Cheaper and does the exact same job
And I want people who click A for specific GAds keyword to move to domain B.
only some keywords? Let's say you have :
Keyword A - safe page
Keyword B - safe page
Keyword C - money page
keyword D - safe page

This is what you want to accomplish?
Hello Andy, LinkTrackr won't do what you want. LinkTrackr will only mask affiliate links. It will not cloak reviewers. Cloakerly is one option but the one I had most success with is Traffic Armor.
You have to cloak to achieve this result. If you're going with commercial cloaker be prepared for bans.
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