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  1. WhiteHatWorlds

    {FREE} $1,000 Google Ads Voucher After $1500 in spend

    Hey everyone! I just got an email from Google with a new offer! I wanted to give back and help you guys as well. Enjoy. Here's a special offer to welcome you back Get $1000 in ad credit when you spend $1500 with Google Ads.* Use offer code 7YUYH‑4VLD6‑WTVC.
  2. F

    Google Gambling accounts not profitable

    Hi everyone, I am running Google Ads gambling accounts, but recently after the structure change in Google none of the accounts turn out to be profitable. They made it almost impossible for me. Anyone could advise if there are any tips how to make them profitable?
  3. Boostyagency

    Does the quality of Google advertising affect the balance on your account?

    I’m wondering if it’s worth keeping a balance in your advertising account always with a reserve until the red “balance will run out soon” sign appears Does advertising become worse when such a red flag is on?
  4. Lesterok

    Google search advertising has become worse over the last year

    Hello everyone, I’d like to discuss the current landscape of advertising with you all. As many of you may have noticed, it has become increasingly expensive and complex, often leading to drained budgets without yielding significant results. In light of this, I recommend exploring Google...
  5. braydond

    Need A Full-Time Self Motivated Fast Paced VA for Web Design, SEO, PPC, & Social.

    I'm interested in people from eastern Europe more. My agency is growing rapidly and needs some serious help. I've tried working with seo resellers and have been let down time and time again. From Loganix to the Hoth and Dot Mirror. It would be amazing to find a full-time generalist who knows...
  6. B

    What is the best campaign to get maximum conversions?

    Hello everyone. I have tried running search ads on Google ads and have burned a lot of money in January and February but without getting any conversions. I have cloaked my website and tried to display ads, but I am not getting any conversions. Is there anyone to guide me about the best platform...
  7. A

    I need someone who knows how to display bing ads/google ads campaigns

    I need someone who knows how to display bing ads/google ads campaigns, I pay well for this. I can provide you with the accounts, I pay for your service and the expenses are all mine. We'll form a partnership, don't try to trick me!!! Only people with references here on the forum or you'll have...
  8. B

    Review about Hoax Tech cloaking tool

    please give me a review on hoax tech tool. I am learning about it to use for google ads!
  9. J

    how to run ppc ads of robin hood after getting suspended

    hi i got suspended 2 times . now its showing me circumenting polic error. can you help me how to run my ads now firsty i use anti detect browser go login 2 = i use proxy can you let me know what kind of proxy should i use like resedential / resedential staitc / data centre ?? which one should i...
  10. S

    Sa360 google account

    hello, I am trying to create a sa360 account but i am not able to proceed it. what is the way of getting the access to ads360 account is there any person who can help me in getting the sa360 account ? thanks in advance, i dont know if i can post my telegram id here in the post or not, looking...
  11. web3venture

    ⭐️Trusted Virtual Card Issuer (VISA) ⭐️ (Top up your card balance in USDT and FIAT.)⭐️

    Virtual cards are suitable for paying for advertising campaigns, subscriptions, plane tickets, hotels, and other online purchases. Issuance of virtual cards for any task: - Payment for advertising offices: Google, Facebook, TikTok - Payment for any online services: Dropbox, Netflix, Zoom...
  12. T

    [Review Copy]FREE Google Ads Limited Copies - For All Niche [Casino / Gambling / CBD Accepted]

    Hello We are providing FREE REVIEWS for our Black Hat Google Ads Service. This will be LIMITED and only for selected 20 Members. Here Is Our Thread Link: █████ [FREE TRIAL] ██████ [Complete Black Hat Ads Service] ✅Casino + Gambling + CBD + All Niche ✅Any Country ⚡Google Ads + FB Ads ⚡ You...
  13. YeezyPay

    How to Use Gmail for Promoting Crypto and Other Grayhat Niches

    Affiliates and media buyers who specialize in grayhat niches, such as cryptocurrency, gambling, betting, and nutra, are constantly seeking new channels to connect with their target audience. This is particularly important for verticals like crypto, gambling, betting, and nutra. If an affiliate...
  14. 0xAnon

    How to cloack on Google Ads ?

    Gm. I need tips for cloacking. I can create Google Ads account and run ads but I need a cloacking solution. I tried an index.php with a redirect to the BlackPage if it's NOT A VPN. If it's a VPN IP, no redirection (WhitePage). (Google Bots are using VPN IPs). But I got banned for this cloacking...
  15. W

    Impression problem

    Once approved after setting up a new Ads, it was originally immediately visible in the search. At this time, even if a new Ads is approved, it cannot be immediately verified in the search. The difference from the previous one is that the KW status of the approved Ads shows the phrase "We're...
  16. W

    Looking for a way to use paid ads and avoid people with low purchase power

    Hello everyone I'm recently facing a problem regarding paid ads campaigns that I'm running in Facebook, Instagram and Google ads. I'm selling a online course about advanced coding which I built and which I spent few weeks to create. When I start promoting it using paid ads on...
  17. K

    Which VPS best for google ads / google merchant center ?

    I have been running google shopping ads in my VPS with 4G Mobile IP. It was working well spending full budgets until start of the year which when i was banned. Every new merchant center i create its not spending full budgets in the ad accounts i create which are ID verified ad account (wont...
  18. Adsexpert

    Keyword Planner

    Hi, I cannot change my plan's keywords on Google Ads keyword planner. Anyone who solved this?
  19. raffael213

    [Question] Google Ads for Lingerie Store

    Hi guys, Can you help with some informations or point me in the right direction regarding the approval of the google ads for a lingerie shop? I've contacted Google Ads "experts" for helping me create the campaigns for my store, 2 different persons - first was willing to help me but said she...
  20. Adsexpert

    Google Ads Conversion Tracking for Affiliate Marketing

    Hi all, How can you decide conversion value on Google Ads? For example, you promote $100 CPA offer. You can write $100 for every conversion on the Google Ads side but not everyone who clicks the affiliate link buys product. So clicking the affiliate link will show you get $100 on Google Ads...
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