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  1. A

    Why do I only have 10% of the impression in google ads?

    hello I was only able to run my campaign well for one month. But after a month, I couldn't. I got 5 accounts and have 5 domains with 5 different landing pages. But my problem is that Google gives me only 10 percent impression and my ad doesn't have impression properly. If there is a solution. I...
  2. rocketpr

    [JV] My payments, Your Google Ads Account + Google Ads Expertise - 5-10% of my Ad Spend goes to you! Easy $50-$100 daily.

    My Google Ads account is fine but I'm launching campaigns and although they are eligible, the ads aren't showing. I don't really have time and would like to get started as soon as possible. So if someone can manage my Google Ads campaigns and get this to start working, help me optimize and...
  3. rocketpr

    Hiring Google Ads Expert to Help Get my Ads Going & Manage My Ads - Paying 5% of Ad Spend - Great Passive Income!

    So I have some campaigns I launched yesterday. These are whitehat ads. May consider doing blackhat. I understand Google Ads but definitely not an expert. Need someone who can really help me get the most out of my campaigns, help track conversions, and monitor my ads closely. Ill be paying 5%...
  4. rocketpr

    Google Ads Unsuspended in just 1 Hour - Lets go! Cheers! - Ask me Anything!

    Second Google Ads account suspended this month but unsuspended pretty quickly! Suspension reason; Suspicious Payment Activity I now have 2 Google Ads account and first one is strong as an ox because of winning all these appeals.
  5. GoldenFreezer


    Terms of Service • You can request a replacement within the first 7 days after the sale if flagged no matter the reason. • We will not replace a Google Ads account if it's banned due to the user's own payment method. • We reserve the right to modify our Terms of Service at any time. • Review...
  6. Adsexpert

    Google Ads Accounts

    Some people are selling Google Ads accounts on marketplace. How do they deliver the account? With portable browser or antidetect? Can you explain the process?
  7. YeezyPay

    How to Promote Nutra Offers on Google Ads: Whitehat and Grayhat methods

    The nutra vertical, a well-established category in affiliate marketing, remains a popular choice for affiliate marketers looking for profitable opportunities. Despite its challenges, including low conversion rates, strict moderation, and the potential for losing creatives and accounts, many...
  8. dgbanj

    Rent Dedicated Google Ads Account, Pay Per Month For Serious Business

    Long Term Cooperation Preferred I have been a lurker on this forum for 12 years now, having experienced the ups and down trend of online marketing. I finally decided to make good use of the opportunities this forum offers. As you know, Google has become so strict with googles ads and threshold...
  9. Adsexpert

    Google Ads Browser

    Antidetect or portable browsers work the best for Google Ads?
  10. R

    problem google ads campaigns

    Hi everyone! I have a problem with some Google Ads campaigns.. in practice I'm running campaigns in Germany (obviously the country is set correctly during the campaign setup phase) but I notice, doing some tests, that my ads only appear on and not on Does anyone know the...
  11. T

    ✨[Review Copy] ✨ FREE Google Ads For All Categories / Niche - 30 Limited Copies

    Hello We are running a sample thread for our Black Hat Google Ads Service. This will be a limited time sample thread and only for selected 30 Members. You can use any niche or category to run the Google Ads. Here Is Our Thread Link: █████ [FREE TRIAL] ██████ [Complete Black Hat Ads Service]...
  12. smail1

    bid strategy google ads

    I have a question please I want to run a search advertising campaign on Google IPTV ! It is better (bid strategy: impression share or maximize clicks or maximize converssion) ?
  13. F

    I have $500+ to invest. How to earn more from it?

    Hello everyone. I earned most of money from creating and selling google ads accounts threshold in past but since I have no new way of creating new google ads accounts I want to move on from Google Ads Threshold and want to invest some money to another niche. Would you be kind enough to tell...
  14. kreatiss

    Google Ads 350$ Threshold

    Few months ago it was possible to create Google Ads accounts with 350$ threshold, I have tested in october 2023 without results... Is it finished ? Please share feedbacks about it. Some people succeed to create accounts with 350$ threshold in October 2023 ?
  15. Ozito

    No Competitors but ads showing at the buttom

    Hey guys, I have this problem once I open up new accounts and it's my ads being shown at the buttom of the page instead of the top of the page even tho I can't find any competitors at the top of the page, there is only me who's promoting this product but my ads is shown at the buttom, I keep...
  16. Adsexpert

    Google Ads Transparency - Advertiser Verification

    Hi everyone, How can I complete advertiser verification? I do not have business.
  17. Adsexpert

    Google Ads Account for BH

    Hi all, which campaign as WH should I create for using account BH later?
  18. M

    Google ADS Blocking

    Hello forum folks, I'm having trouble banning my Google Ads accounts, they were all banned for payment fraud. I use the power of multi-login ads with my mobile data and create a new Gmail on another phone that isn't even mine and I still get blocked.
  19. WhiteHatWorlds

    $1,000 Ad Credit When you Spend $1500

    Hey guys, I got this offer from Google ads and thought I'd share. Get $1,000 in ad credit when you spend your first $1,500 with Google Ads.* Use offer code 3QVCG‑7AUEX‑L4F4. Enjoy.
  20. M

    Questions about MCC account

    Hi! I have a few questions about running BH and GH campaigns under MCC. The MCC have about 100 WH accounts. Everything has the same billing profile. We have some BH/GH accounts running, some of them have gotten suspended over time. I know that every suspension leaves mark on MCC but what are the...
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