link bait

  1. kurosaki4d

    Is Linkbait good for my site?

    Hello, I have a website for which I started a backlink campaign for a couple of months now. So I'd like to move on to a better & more effective strategy, which is Linkbait. There is a site that offers this service, reliable, was recommended by a high authoritative figure. This website...
  2. S

    What is truly white hat?

    Everyone talks about getting "quality" links to their sites but what exactly does that mean? I mean specifically for an ecomerce site in a high competition field what can you do that G will see as white hat link building? I'm looking for a list of specifics, build quality links doesn't mean...
  3. Y

    Quick $50 - Link, SEO and ranking Specialist....if your work will know

    Looking to spend between $50-$100.... Just launched a new site and looking have an experience blackhatter do some linkbuild, link push, link wheel, clever kickass ideas and SEO work and getting the site ranked and get qualified clients. I need someone with clever expereince not the run of the...
  4. SunTzuX

    Don't link to us!

    I was looking through some of the older files on one of my PC's, and found a bookmark list from years back. One of the links I found brought back some memories of some of the anal retentive policies websites had even as recently as a few years ago. One of them that I always found to be...
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