1. Peter AGC

    ▶️ FOR SALE ◀️ - ✅ FACEBOOK , TIKTOK ✅ Ad Account , Page Blue Tick , FB Profile .... ✅ Everything you need, We have it all ✅.

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  2. Terimouse

    Mother/slave group adding method on telegram

    Hello, Do mother/slave method works for mass adding tg users to my group ? If yes, how many users can I add per day to slave groups ? And how many slave groups ? Also, will tg detect the slave/mother pattern and ban my mother group ? Thanks ! Terimouse
  3. cpanewbiehere

    Why My Google Ad account is Spending only 100 Perday?

    Why My Google Ad account is Spending only 100 Perday? I have a budget of 580 Perday, Everyday from last 3 Days its spending only 100$ Perday whereas the Budget is 580$. How to make it fixed?
  4. Thelastlellek

    YouTube Upload Limit bypass ?

    Hey! I am asking here if anybody has any idea how to upload more than 100 YouTube Shorts / day. I have found that I can upload 100 Shorts with Media Encoder and still upload 100 with the browser. But if there is Media Encoder there probably is more than just that to bypass the Limit. Can anyone...
  5. RaffStore

    ⚡ VERIFIED BM FACEBOOK ⚡ ACCOUNT`s FOR ADS ⚡ Business Manager limit 50$, 250$ and Unlimited

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  6. Bakidaki

    Twitter limits?

    Is 20-30 follows , 40-50 retweets and 50-60 likes per day to much volume? -Accounts are warmed up, and aged (1 year old). -proxys: rotating residential proxys
  7. NicuT

    YouTube Shorts Video Upload Problem

    Hello BHW community, I have a problem with Youtube Shorts. On some accounts it lets me upload 100 shorts clips and on some accounts it lets me upload only 15 shorts clips. - channels are made new and are verified with the phone number. Does anyone have any idea why some channels only let me...
  8. jimmybun

    [ASK] YouTube reach the 10 videos upload limits in 24h

    Hello bhw, I don't know what happen to YouTube recently. Almost all of my channels, are restrict from uploading much more videos than 10 or 15 per day. I have searching around in Google without finding any solution. Is there anybody here face this issue and find the way to fix it? Thank you so...
  9. Russian Dissident

    How many posts can you make in Reddit ?

    Hello everyone! Question about Reddit . How many posts can I post per day in different groups? Not spam, without links, on the topic of the group, posts are different... Just to raise karma ... Are there any restrictions so as not to catch a shadow ban ?
  10. S

    Admob Limit Solution

    Hi. I think 90% faced the F*** limit issue of Admob, is this a bug from Admob or they trying to push out devs from it ? Is there any solution for this limit I develop my own apps and old admob and when I send traffic using Google Ads they limit the account WTF where is the logic ????
  11. ggvbro

    My fan page reach decreased

    Hello guys, First thank you for reading my thread. i have a facebbok page 2048 likes. some weeks before the reach was : 200-300 people reached the issue came when i have posted some posts in some groups with my page (i joined groups as page), i guess someone reported my posts as spam: as a...
  12. W

    Instagram following limits ?

    Hello, Ive searched a lot in the internet and many sites on the internet say that in 2020 you should not follow more then 200 people a day because thats the limit. today ive followed more then 400 users and liked more then 400 posts throughout the day and nothing happened. so what is the real...
  13. T

    About to sell my Instagram account for $9500 - How to do it safely?

    Hello. I have a supercar related instagram account with around 73k followers and someone recently asked to buy it. We aggreed to sell it to him for $9500. At first he said he will pay me though bitcoin, then he said he will pay me through paypal as it's easier that way. He said that he will send...
  14. E

    Account Creation and Following Limits

    Hello my friends, I couldn't create any fresh accounts via mail with usual methods in last 3-5 days. Has anybody notice that situation before? (I tried all proxy types.) Can you still create accounts? Also my second problem is, when I could still generate accounts, I couldn't make follow action...
  15. W

    Need help with PayPal

    Hello community, Today my stealth pp got, need to provide receipt of supplier or smth like that. I need help for it. Im selling on ebay, but got some transactions for copyrighted digital goods and one transaction(which was higher priced than others)which is physical product. I...
  16. T

    Low reach for links

    Hello, i manage a big page (2.3M likes), verified (blue), real artist and reach on links is very low. What can i do to improve links reach? (About 5k - 10k per link) Thank you!
  17. gh0st_0

    [NEED] PayPal account with lifted limit (SERVICE or whatever)

    Ok so i hope this post wont be deleted coz i don't like typing same shit twice.. I need service that can lift a limit out of a paypal account or a service that offers full on accounts with no limits etc.......... tnx
  18. J

    ec2 aws account

    Hello, need some ec2 accounts for the moment .. and i will need in the future..
  19. W

    Need your help guys - PayPal

    Hello community, Before two days i was temporary limited from paypal. Need to provide ID ( its done ) Proof of fulfillment ( it was automatically on reviweing ) Proof purchasing receipt of supplier ( i'm stuck here ) To describe the payments for what they were ( done ) I was selling digital...
  20. M

    Selling valuable items on eBay. Will I have issues with PayPal?

    I recently created a PayPal/eBay stealth account. It's been 15 days since it's been created and I already maxed out my selling limit (10 sales) and I received 5 positive feedbacks. This is my question. I have a brand new Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga that's worth about 3000$ CAD. Since my eBay limit...
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