1. beware of

    Well, this is about a week in to the massive ordeal I've been put through, thanks to the shady business ethics of I'm here simply to warn everyone, to NEVER use their hosting services, sure it's a great price, but when they start lying to you about why your sites go offline for...
  2. B

    Supressing Slander

    I have a question ... I had an Exemployee post some really slandours stuff about me on the internet and It right up on the first page of google ... I need to push it at least on to the second. It's complete lies and I need to get it removed and ideas on how to do this? I have tried seoing some...
  3. H

    Thread Hijacking

    I made a thread to get opinions whether users would be interested in certain software and the source codes (I HAVE RESALE RIGHTS, AND CONSIDERING I ALSO PURCHASED THE SOURCE CODE I could just build my own new software and resale) But this thread is simply about thread hijacking, i had one user...
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