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Oct 29, 2005
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I made a thread to get opinions whether users would be interested in certain software and the source codes (I HAVE RESALE RIGHTS, AND CONSIDERING I ALSO PURCHASED THE SOURCE CODE I could just build my own new software and resale)

But this thread is simply about thread hijacking, i had one user nicksor who i have now banned who first wrote, that i was reselling warez. So i explained that its not, and yet he comes back again and says it once more.

Then MaestroDelWeb, coming in the thread and saying theres cheaper alternatives. Yes probably but not as good as this, and certainly not deskbar builder, maybe toolbars but they are limited, thats like me coming into someones Ebook thread and saying hey dont buy this theres cheaper ebooks out there.

Then when i delete all the Junk Hijacking threads i get this
"Thanks for deleting my completely on topic post. If you delete the truth because it differs from your opinion you're doing everyone a disservice." by Yet again MaestroDelWeb.

Im gonna start keeping an eye on Thread Hijackers, most end up going offtopic, and not only do you guys think your being smart, your not.

And p.s MeastroDelWeb if i was doing someone a disservice id not be selling resale rights at less than a 5th of the price. And for future reference i wasnt selling i was asking on opinions on whether i should.

Thanks haRRo... There are some world class hijackers in here.
I hate hijacking too.

HaRRo, bro we will fight those nasty things together.

thanks for your thread
We do have a post reporting feature.. It would be sad if this forum turned into a flagging hell like CL, but sometimes it might just be necessary.
We do have a post reporting feature.. It would be sad if this forum turned into a flagging hell like CL, but sometimes it might just be necessary.

Haha, my inbox you would clearly show that it already is a "flagging hell" but it is really helpful, so keep up the good work guys.
Totally agree. Thread high-jacking in disruptive and counter-productive. This forum is for the free exchange of ideas and advice (thank you for that by the way)

And every time someone takes the threads in this forum off on some tangent, not only does it disrupt the flow of information. It realistically costs us all both time and money in a very real way.

By the way, everyone else ready for the all-star break? (LOL- sorry I couldn't resist. Also, I tell jokes to break the tension. Kinda my thing.)

In all seriousness though. I'm glad this forum exists the way it does. And I'd really hate to see it go the chaotic direction so many others seem to.
I don't know if you could consider that "thread hijacking". It sounds like other users are just voicing their options.
Any thread related to selling or thinking about selling something with generate both positive and negative comments. I think banning someone for voicing their opinion is a bit harsh.

There are plenty of threads on here were people get bashed all to hell and you don't see them being able to ban users or delete posts. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.
Wow... So because someone doesn't agree you can just ban them? Weak sauce sir. I'm glad this happened before I wasted anymore time on here. Because I was actually interested in that software, I contacted the company that sells it.. For some odd reason they don't want to sell me the source code and they don't allow you to resell.. I'm confused by this... On one hand this 'admin' says he has the rights to sell it on the other hand the company that actually has the rights to the software says no-go... Hrm.. Who to believe? Some child that has a power trip or a reputable company?

Anyways, I'm done. have a nice day.

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