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  1. seo-kalpalabs

    Hello to all BHW forum members im

    Hello to all BHW forum members, I have just registered on this forum and I am delighted to join this community dedicated to SEO. I have been working in the SEO field for 2 years now. I started with manual backlink building and launched my first online store, which was somewhat successful, but...
  2. S

    Willing to learn!

    Hello everyone! Let me introduce myself a bit, i'm a young man very wiling to learn how blackhat works, the different techniques and stuff, even tho i have some bases it's quite huge to handle, so much knowledge! So i was wondering if anyone had some infos about where and how to learn, the...
  3. SEO Duke

    How to Find Link Building Opportunities

    Finding Link Building Opportunity it getting tough day by day, I have tried a lots in past, they worked very well. But these days i am getting not much response. Is there any unique method any one know? Like, is there any group or community where bloggers exchange link?
  4. pakhi007

    Hi I am a new dude here

    Hi, I'm new on BHW and I hope to learning something new... Thanks
  5. theidleman

    Best online resource to learn SEO???

    HI again. As the title says, im looking for the best online place to learn SEO, google SEO. I am also interested in social media but I want to get a solid foundation with google and how SEO works first. I am currently studying on coursera but it does not convince me that much, neither does...
  6. Growth addictor

    On page, off page SEO specialists!

    Hi, I am looking for paid SEO course ( who can teach on page, off page SEO in detail with various ranking experiments) I know we can learn that here, but I am looking for experts in this field who have time or interest to teach It is okay if it's a long term courses, need to full fill my...
  7. digitalgeckos


    Hi, I'm Eddie known around as Meddie. I am an SEO enthusiast ever since I was a teenager. Now I am almost 30, and I am still hungry to learn more. I started my journey back in 2012 and joined BHW in 2015. I tried plenty of methods during the golden age of SEO, and I still learn daily. Now, I...
  8. crossline

    Probably The Most Crucial Things That You Must Pay Attention To Before Buying Backlink Services

    Backlink services from the past until now are still in great demand. The reason is clear, because by using this service we can save time in doing link building as part of SEO optimization. However, before buying backlink services you have to be careful and pay attention to the following...
  9. T

    Hi Guy, looking 4 courses

    Hi Guy, I'm a PPC specialist, with 2 years experience on Google and Facebook but now I want to learn about SEO, and I'm looking for some good online courses. I will really appreciate if you guide me for a good start. Thank you in advance.
  10. md somrat

    How can i ranking my blog quickly

    hello, actually I wanted to rank up my blog on google first page. I already share my blog many social bookmarking sites, also share my blog many forum'' blackhat forum is the best''. also share my blog many doc share site many slide share site. what else can I do for it??
  11. B

    Hi guys!

    Hello guys! I'm new at SEO world and I will be happy to learn from you! Becouse as we know: "knowledge is not a crime".
  12. robotcba

    Hello everyone!

    My name is robot cba! I'm trying to learn about making money on the internet. Best Regards.
  13. A

    New to BHW

    Hey BHW, I am new to BHW and I am really excited to learn how to expand my business through SEO and other online opportunities. I am looking to learn and create some friendships here. Its awesome to be part of this community and I hope we can partner up on something!
  14. R

    Hello BHW!

    Hi all! Very pleased to be part of this forum. Excited to lean a lot from everybody! Cheers!
  15. Sachindx

    [Edx] coupons help!

    Anyone interested to help me who have [Edx certification } course coupons . Please i really appreciate your help .
  16. W

    What is the best way for website ranking within few days?

    i want to learn about black hat seo. please tell me how can i rank my website within few days?
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