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  1. sev1024

    Blueprint to Becoming an Amazon Best Seller

    Hey All, Does anyone have any good BHW stickies on getting a Kindle book 'Best Seller' status? I didn't realize how much of a sham it was until I listened to this Exposure Ninjas podcast on the topic (not sure if putting the link in here will get me in trouble, so just look up episode 134 on...
  2. mayadd

    Your US KDP Amazon Account + My E-Book

    Hello. I need a trusted person who lives in the United States and owns a Kindle Amazon account. The reason for that is I am from a blocked country. What you will do : You have to own a KDP Amazon account with your billing address in order to receive payments. After you receive any payments...
  3. benj_pirate

    Amazon USA, UK, Spain, Latin America Reviews

    Hello all. I'm releasing new kindle and books on amazon and I plan to do so for the next few years to generate my income. I have seen that I needed to get verified reviews to rank and get some organics sales. The book will be priced at 0.99$ and you will have to buy it and then let me a review...
  4. Steroidz

    [Journey] KDP Self-Publishing 2020 (Grayhat)

    What you can expect from this journey: 1) Overview of the whole self-publishing eco-system 2) Reviews of other services (ARCs,Newsletters,Promo websites etc) 3) Low Spending - about $XX- low $XXX per month on services/traffic Who are you following on this journey: Full-Time Online Marketer...
  5. D

    Anyone Still Making Decent Money From Kindle Books?

    Hi Just wondered if anyone is producing books for kindle and other platforms and if so how are they finding the returns ? we have about 10 books up ourselves of which 5 really make any money but that said we have done nothing with them for a few years no advertising etc. moved in to...
  6. deepak raaju

    Ebook creator need for amazon

    As title says i need an amazon kindle ebook creator with any topic of pages containing 500-600 it should not be copied one
  7. A

    Post Verified Reviews, Paying $5 per verified review once approved via PayPal

    I need verified reviews, Paying $5 per verified review via PayPal. it's a kindle ebook and will pay a reward of 5 USD for each review that posted and approved and published as verified review, You do not have to think about what to write as I have the review written already, all you need just...
  8. E

    Will rewriting recipes get my KDP account banned?

    Hi, What is the consensus on rewriting recipes? I know recipes can't be copyrighted, but I've read stories of recipe creators complaining to Kindle and Kindle removing the books in question. If I write a lot of recipe books by getting inspiration from websites (different titles, re-ordered...
  9. C

    Free Kindle Book Reviews

    I'm looking to order verified reviews for free kindle books. 5 reviews per book. Paying 5$ per review
  10. Mr.Chicken

    Amazon kdp help

    Hello everyone! Does anyone know how to rank an ebook on top on Amazon Kindle marketplace? And do someone offer reviews and downloads? Thanks
  11. Dayoreality

    Verified Amazon Review needed ASAP for Kindle Book

    I need verified Amazon review ASAP for my Kindle book. Inbox. Jr. VIP and above only.
  12. E

    How to get sales for low/no content paperback books

    Hi, So, I started a Kindle journey a few weeks back. I'm getting sales for my E-books, but the low-content activity-based paperback book I published hasn't sold a single copy. I wonder how I can get some traction to it. Should I just publish more books? Also, in that vein, do people pay...
  13. J

    NEED HELP with Kindle eBook!

    Hello everyone, I’m Johnny and I’ve been trying to sell my Kindle eBook on Amazon without any concrete result. I have no sales, the free promotion only brought me 50 downloads. Obviously, I didn’t really know how to advertise it.. Details: It’s a self-help book. A practical guide to goal...
  14. HelenaS

    Creating ebook on Linux Ubuntu?

    How to create ebook for Amazon Kindle self-publishing on Linux operating system?
  15. M

    Kindle publishing questions

    Humi guys I writed a book in cooking niche and I need some images is it okay to get them copyrighted? thank you
  16. wykjemsau

    Help me (300 ebook/month)

    Hi How to find a company can write 200-300 books per month (short story) thank you
  17. wakoff

    My Erotica Kindle Journey

    Background: I'm a scoundrel who was making about $120 a day through promoting porn/camgirl sites. However, that well has dried up for me. I got squeezed out of the business by competitors, bots, account bans, ip bans, perma-bans, etc. I reached my peak for about 3 months before my cashflow...
  18. C

    [Kindle Book] Can you rewrite recipes?

    Hey Guys, I was thinking of making an Amazon Kindle Book of 500 Recipes. But it's hard to get recipe writers. Most of the people rewrite recipes. Would it be wise to rewrite 500 recipes and publish it as a kindle book?
  19. Rob Rouse Jr

    How To Get More People To Buy Your Kindle Book

    Other than the KDP select Promotion directly on Amazon, what are some ways you guys have gotten more Kindle Book Sales?
  20. W

    Discovered 15% Off Coupon Code for WordBotic

    Working coupon code is twio2016 Website is Found through mailing list. Works as of now but expires tomorrow I think. It's the only coupon code I've ever seen for getting wordbotic for less than full price. Thought I'd share as my BHW contribution. :D