keyword tracking

  1. Tipitip

    How I use this free tool to track website rankings.

    I use an app called SEO Edge to track my website’s position in certain keywords. This is how I do it; 1) Download Seo Edge, the logo of the app is below. 2) Click side bar and “Add Profile” This will allow you to add your website and you’re limited to only 2 websites in free version of...
  2. ProfessorBlackbeard

    Pixel/Eventtracking When Cloaking

    Hello! I'm in need of a tool to track my conversions from Keyword -> Event (outclick). I'm doing cloaked campaigns and i'm not sure if it's a good idea to use Google Software for tracking as it might detect something sketchy. Do you have any recommendations on how to best do this properly...
  3. Electro_Maddy

    Any Free Tool Available for Keyword Tracking..!!?

    Hello EveryOne, I need free tool for keyword traking, Kindly let me know any of you available. Thanks in advanced :)
  4. KingZen

    [Free 7-Day Trial] Keyword Rank Tracking Made for Internet Marketers

  5. Sheepp

    Anyone using Cyfe Keyword tracker ?

    Hey there! I just found Cyfe (, which is an all-in-one dashboard for online activities. What I found interesting is that it has a "Keyword tracker" widget that tracks the position of a keyword over time, with a pricing of only 19$/month for the premium version. Anyone...
  6. Couch Monkey Media

    How do I get around the google search blocks?

    So doing google searches to see where your site ranks you get a google captcha key. I have a script that we are using to crawl and get our rankings. What do you use to get around the captcha request. You put them in a few times and it goes away for awhile but comes back. What are way to get...
  7. W

    keyword Ranking Checker

    Not sure if it exists.Is there a tool or software that lets Pick a number of keywords and track thier progress by week.
  8. Gogol

    [GET] Google SERP Position checker Script written in PHP.

    I made this api script for my own usage actually. Sharing this here so that other members can be benefited too. Hope it helps :) Fork/Contribute/Download at: Usage: VT (in case...
  9. P

    [METHOD] How to Track Keyword Rankings w/Google Analytics

    Not sure if this has been shared before, but if you use Google Analytics (I know some of you do, many do not) this is an easy way to have Analytics record the rankings of your keywords (a bit better than Piwik does IMO). You can then use the Analytics reports to see the average rankings, # of...
  10. I

    Live Keyword tracking ticker software and hardware

    I wanted to have a cool setup in my office and vertically hang some monitors on the wall and be able to track and monitor hundreds of keywords positions and rankings for 2-3 sites and in various categories and sub domains updating Live in real time..... kind of like the way stock brokers track...
  11. Z

    keyword tracking suggestions plugin

    Hey all, Looking at perhaps putting a keyword tracking plugin of some sort and was hoping for some suggestions, paid or free 1. To be able to type in keywords and have the plugin tell you what position you are in in google, perhaps compare it to week before etc 2. To be able to see what...
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