Jan 24, 2016
Not sure if it exists.Is there a tool or software that lets Pick a number of keywords and track thier progress by week.
Yes there are a million of them out there. Go do a google search serp rank tracker.
personally i use serpbook but there a literally dozens out there from web based to desktop just pick your poison.


These are just a selection
There are soo many I personally use Ahrefs you can track 5 keywords with free account. You can also set the email feature so you get weekly results.

Thanks Everyone
Use serplab. Its free for 150 keywords and it shows same results as all overpriced rank trackers.
I guess you are looking for a tool that can tell you what keywords you are ranking for. The few ones that you can use are ahref, semrush and moz.
You can use the seo quake for checking the keyword rank, this is the one of the best tools for keyword checking.
Any checker has google keyword search volume data together?
I tried Serpbook.com but it is quite disapointing.

Hi there, welcome to SerpBook! Monthly searches must be enabled within your settings (Keywords can take up to 24 hours to populate MS data).

Please PM us your email if you are require any assistance.
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