keyword research help

  1. new_don

    Micro Niche Site in Tech Niche

    Hi, I have a new domain and wanted to start a micro niche website in tech niche but did not find a good micro niche may be because i am new in keyword research. Yes i am not a pro in keyword research and SEO and also have very low experience in these. How can i find low competition keywords...
  2. P

    Keyword Research For IT Company

    I am doing Keyword Research for Mobile and web application development company targeting for Austin. Need Tips for effective Keyword Research.....
  3. ep2002

    Need Someone Good with Keyword Research

    Hi there, I don't know what's happened since the last time I searched on here & found someone (he's MIA unfortunately), but I can't find anyone who offers keyword research services anymore. Did something happen? Thanks
  4. D

    Best Free Keyword Tool

    Hello Folks When it comes to keyword tools it really vary in responses depend on people experience and use cases, Can you guys share your prospective for pros and cons of each tool regards Accuracy, Price, Speed & UI (all below are freemium so you can for free)
  5. fullyniche

    ☘️KEYWORD ASSISTANT - KEYWORDSPOT.COM!☘️▶️✅Reveal Best Niches◀️Stop Wasting Your Time✅

  6. lifehero

    Newbie Questions - Experts welcome

    Hello everyone! Newbie here with a few questions. Been in SEO for a whole 3 weeks now! Still Going strong! lol Q's: 1. If it's even possible can anybody either tell me how, or point me in the right direction on how to find out exactly what keywords a competitors specific post (article) ranks...
  7. X

    QuestionForge - Uncover 1000s of Hidden, Targeted Keywords Your Competitors DON'T Know About

    To Grab QuestionForge Standard for Free, CLICK HERE. To Unlock the Full Potential of QuestionForge, Grab Your PRO License HERE before the price goes up*. *Price is subject to rise without notice, and WILL rise as new PRO features are added (more keyword sources, different Regions, etc.) If...
  8. thetrustedzone

    Teknife Keyword Scraper | All Languages Supported| 7 Days Free Trial

    Dear Colleagues As some of you know , I'm keywords seller on BHW from 2012 ..., but instead of giving you a fish i decide to give you my hook (or one of my hooks tbh) . Introducing Teknife Keyword Scraper : - Supports All languages : English , Chinese , Russian , Arabic , French ...
  9. mohanjackie

    This Is How I Do a Keyword Research.

    Hi Flocks, I was out of this BHW forum for some time, I earned some money outside the internet for expenses. I wanted to earn some handful of $ via blogging. so I am starting a how-to/tutorial blog and monetize with Adsense So This Is How I Do a Keyword Research. (i don"t know how much right...
  10. Q

    Suggestions for a newly developed training website

    We newly developed a training website .what are the best ways or techniques to rank high in SERP in 2017
  11. akram92

    [Q] About Youtube keyword competition, what are the metrics to analyze competition?

    Hello everyone, So I'm working on a tool for youtube that analyzes keywords and in someway scrapes profitable keywords (low competition/ high volume), and I'm gathering data from youtube search API that means I send a search request with a keyword and I get a response in a form of videos...
  12. hazez

    Keyword Research Help? Easy or Hard KW to Rank with All the data I Collect?

    First of all, I want to thank all BHW community. I want to start an authority site and use AdSense and affiliate (amazon and others) with it but mainly AdSense. So I’m in Keyword research phase which considered the most important phase in building any site that aim to get organic traffic...
  13. KingDigital

    Looking for a keyword research tool to save time! Suggestions much appreciated.

    I work part time for an SEO company, and i was wondering if there was a good keyword research tool out there to help me be more efficient at doing keyword research for clients. I tried the google one, but the problem is after i extract the data to ms excel the numbers get messed up and it does...
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