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  1. habibsoft

    Best Amazon Money Keyword Selections ASK?

    1 money keyword in google SERP result - how many opportunities do you have to work with this money Keyword? Opportunity Type: E-Commerce Website UGC Website Forum Results Less Focus Keyword Results Social Sites Community Sites
  2. C

    Keyword Research Service?

    Hey, Has anybody used any keyword research services on BHW for low competition keywords with traffic? If yes please can you share the service. Really appreciate it. Thanks
  3. RealDaddy

    [Method] ★ Ahrefs is an Un-regulated Honeypot ★ Find Weak Competitors & their Keywords - Part 2nd

    Hi BHW, First of all thanks for the massive support to my previous Keyword Research Guide. If you have not already read part 1- [Method] Using Ahrefs to find Weak Competitors & their Keywords - do it here. Anyways, going to share another Keyword Research Hack. THEORY - If we can find a weak...
  4. new_don

    Micro Niche Site in Tech Niche

    Hi, I have a new domain and wanted to start a micro niche website in tech niche but did not find a good micro niche may be because i am new in keyword research. Yes i am not a pro in keyword research and SEO and also have very low experience in these. How can i find low competition keywords...
  5. RealDaddy

    [Method] Using Ahrefs to find Weak Competitors & their Keywords

    Hey BHW, Today we will learn how to find Weak Competitors & their Keywords It's a Newbie Guide Let us take “gym bags” as our sub-niche [ we will be using it throughout this guide]. Search this term in the Ahrefs keyword Explorer. [ make sure that you have selected the USA as your target...
  6. Sanjuwa

    Keyword Competition Analysis Problems

    1. When I see only product pages in SERP of my target keyword (best+product) and it has <1000 monthly volume is it a low competition keyword that I can rank easily with relavant content ? 2. Actually I'm asking, Can I outrank e-commerce sites like Amazon / AliExpress because they're not...
  7. RealDaddy

    ☘️ ‍❤️‍ [GUIDE] Free Keyword Research ✔️✔️ Become Better at Finding LOW COMPETITION Keywords w/o Spending any $$$

    Hello BHW, Today I will show you - "How to do Keyword Research utilizing Free tools?" Keyword Research is actually a very neat Skill that every Internet marketer should have. Let's dive right into it- Go here - neilpatel[dot]com/ubersuggest In the keyword section, enter your niche [broad]...
  8. Topiano

    [ SEMANTIC KEYWORD RESEARCH ] Blog, SaaS, E-commerce and other industry niche business Keywords that Dominate the SERP! ❤️❤️

    Are you starting a new business and want to attract more leads and customers via search engines? Or do you already have an established website and are looking for more opportunities to increase your traffic and sales targeting intent keywords? Starting a new project or business with SEO can be...
  9. fullyniche

    ☘️KEYWORD ASSISTANT - KEYWORDSPOT.COM!☘️▶️✅Reveal Best Niches◀️Stop Wasting Your Time✅

  10. Roger Marquez

    Best Keyword Research Service?

    Looking for some feedback on what you guys think its the best keyword research service? Maybe something you have booked outside the forums that have paid off overtime? Im obviously looking for low competition keywords only, not looking to make big money nor have the desire to dive into a highly...