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  2. Seopreneur01

    Ahrefs hacked??

    I was just going through my routine Ahrefs research and suddenly Avast reported this: I'm assuming someone has put malware on the site and is trying to gain access to user ids and passwords. Is anyone else facing this issue?
  3. Hisoka1


    I am looking for 10 BHW members(must have 100+ posts) to review my READY2RANK GOLDEN KEYWORD RESEARCH. If interested PLEASE POST ON THIS THREAD ONLY What you will get: 3 Money keywords + 6 Informative Keywords ($25 package package) What I want from you: A detailed and genuine review about...
  4. iEscapedTheMatrix

    ChatGPT prompt: Automating SEO keyword research

    I basically woke up, went to my sales class, then started playing with ChatGPT for the rest of the day. It's so much fun. I even used the bot to give me relationship advice which was incredibly logical. The future of AI is extremely scary yet so enticing. Anyways, I found an interesting prompt...
  5. Outc@st

    Targeting Keywords With Low Search Volume

    I just finished doing some keyword research, and I found 10 keywords relating to the same niche. Unfortunately, these keywords only have a search volume of 100 each. Now I have never targeted keywords with such a low search volume before, so do you think it would be worth creating content on...
  6. sgsgsg2323


  7. RealDaddy

    [Guide] ★ Keyword Re$earch for BROKE People ★ FREE Tools + FREE $$$

    Whenever I find a way to do Keyword Research for FREE, I can feel the dance of that Broke RealDaddy within. I was a broke person when I started in IM. One Thing - Keyword Research enabled me to take IM full-time. Anyways, on the method. Ahrefs recently launched there FREE tools suite, and...
  8. Troppo

    Keyword resarch

    Need someone who is doing KW research for me. Need around 100 KW each for 7 sites. Competition should be low Search Vol. should be around 5-25k per month (USA only) Locking preferable for longterm KW Was searching in forum but couldn't find a service yet. Please send me offer and maybe...
  9. new_don

    Language specific keyword research

    How to do keyword research for language specific site in my case i am planning to start a blog in Hindi langauge. Is there any free tool and strategy? Kindly reply
  10. vimal85

    Google Keyword Planner

    Hi Everyone!!!! Is there any free tool that will give us a approx. monthly search for specific keywords? and also the best tool for competitor keywords used for specific page? How to find keyword of competitor using free tool? best tool for Competitor Keyword analysis?
  11. C

    [JV] My Niches + Your Keyword Research - Content Locking!

    Ok so I'm looking for someone who is good at finding low competition keywords in any niche. I'm starting a new project and would like a full 50/50 partner. I can do it all myself but if we both work together it'll be much quicker. You find the keywords in my niches and I create posts and set...
  12. Purush

    [Guide] Money making website Building - Keyword research, domain name choosing - Part 1

    Basics of Money Making Websites Building a money making website is the most dreamed one in IM Business. Now as a small contribution I created this guide to cover almost all the area for successful money making website step by step. This is based on my experience not just success story but from...
  13. puppetm@ster

    Should I prioritize KW search volume, competition or potential revenue?

    I'm doing keyword research for an affiliate site and following a few different guides to do so. (I think if I post the links this post will get pulled down). One guide tells me to pick 1 main keyword with the most traffic then an additional 10 or so related keywords with less traffic - and...
  14. RealDaddy

    [Method] Using Ahrefs to find Weak Competitors & their Keywords

    Hey BHW, Today we will learn how to find Weak Competitors & their Keywords It's a Newbie Guide Let us take “gym bags” as our sub-niche [ we will be using it throughout this guide]. Search this term in the Ahrefs keyword Explorer. [ make sure that you have selected the USA as your target...
  15. O

    Why none of my videos rank?

    Hello, wasn't sure where to add this thread but Ive got a problem with ranking my videos. So, Ive added couple of videos with game hack niche (8-9 videos) and only one of them ranked, the one that had no comments, likes and views added by me it just ranked itself. First thing that I'm doing to...
  16. RealDaddy

    ☘️ ‍❤️‍ [GUIDE] Free Keyword Research ✔️✔️ Become Better at Finding LOW COMPETITION Keywords w/o Spending any $$$

    Hello BHW, Today I will show you - "How to do Keyword Research utilizing Free tools?" Keyword Research is actually a very neat Skill that every Internet marketer should have. Let's dive right into it- Go here - neilpatel[dot]com/ubersuggest In the keyword section, enter your niche [broad]...
  17. xpesos

    How to Find low competition Topics

    No one should ever fail at finding good topics/niche after reading this. This is not some secret method, this might have been shared earlier, but I have not seen it nor I sharing this method from some guide, I just developed this technique over the time. But it is not some rocket science, a...
  18. ep2002

    Seeking Keyword Research Service

    I'm looking for someone who really knows what they are doing with keyword research. I'm only seeking SEO, not Amazon or CB. Please PM me or provide me with your pricing & what software you use. Thanks
  19. G

    is there a free tool to check monthly search in bulk

    hello BHW members, please suggest some tools to check monthly search in bulk
  20. Holzr

    [Method] Improve Your Keyword Research With Search Operators

    Hi all! So a lot of people know about checking scores, metrics, on-page SEO, links, Search volume and all that when doing keyword research. But a lot of people don't a simple keyword difficulty checker that can be done by searching Google. I'm talking about Search Operators and the Moz...
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