keyword optimisation

  1. ErealBoss

    [METHOD] Mastering YouTube Growth: An Inspired Journey

    Hey y'all... When I started my journey on YouTube, it was tough as nails. I was discouraged, facing all kinds of challenges, but I stayed the course. And you know what? I found my way, just like you can! The strategy I lay out below, it's like the map to success, my map to my success. But...
  2. E

    Keyword density vs other words on page

    Should keyword density be higher then any other set of words in the content? Like if your keyword is "best computer repair" at 2% and a random word set of "Torque Screw Wrench" at 3% just happens to appear on the page cause your listing off parts or something. Is that confusing to google...
  3. S

    Is Keyword optimisation necessary for website traffic building?

    Is keyword optimisation a complete necessity for website traffic building.
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