keyword elite

  1. blackma

    How reliable is Google Adwords™ Keyword tool?
  2. B

    Keyword Elite 2.0 download page

    Can someone give me the link to the official download link for keyword elite 2.0? I will be using my registration number and email. I just need the download page URL. Thanks.
  3. K

    Keyword Elite How accurate is..?

    here goes, using the program section *search engine dominator* after ive searched for a keyword, it gives me a option to check the the competition strength, how accurate do you think that is? Is there a better way to find out how hard it would be to dominate a niche or just even a certain...
  4. bigkee42

    Choosing Keywords

    I wanted to find suggestions on the best keyword tool between Keyword Elite ($199.99....I think) and Market Samurai ($149.00)? I know they have different features, but I was looking for BHW user suggestions. Price is not a factor....just added for others that are considering to purchase either...
  5. G

    Anyone know about Matt Callen's VisitorSpy?

    Hey fellow BHWer's! I just received an email talking about a free web site called VisitorSpy by Matt Callen. Anyone know anything about this? How can he offer this for free? I read somewhere on the forum that Matt Callen uses his software ie. keyword elite to spy on your marketing ventures...
  6. H

    Keyword Elite 2.0

    I've just saw on Keyword Elite page that they'll be launching a new version on 25th August, but besides a flashy video no information is provided. I wonder, is this only a marketing buzz or they really have something good out there with this update...any thoughts? :cool:
  7. S

    Keyword Rersearch - Tools & Tips

    Hi there guys, I work in SEO, code sites and so on, I was a developer and site designer before so I love the technical element to SEO over the "you need a few good meta keywords to rank #1" sales BS. I am a n00b in this forum but I have been working in the industry for a few years. When it...
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