Anyone know about Matt Callen's VisitorSpy?

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Jun 26, 2009
Hey fellow BHWer's!

I just received an email talking about a free web site called VisitorSpy by Matt Callen.

Anyone know anything about this?

How can he offer this for free?

I read somewhere on the forum that Matt Callen uses his software ie. keyword elite to spy on your marketing ventures. Is that true and is he doing that with this service too? Maybe that is how he can offer this service for free.

Please post your thoughts, and don't forget to give rep and thanks! :cow_yello
I was going to sign up for this but after reading about the whole spying on my traffic thing I read I decided to wait and see what my BHW friends have to say.
I dont know much about it...

I've just signed up... their spying video of the visitor was interesting....

Let me see how goood it works.....
This is not really a 'Making Money' thread. And dont bump your own threads.

I'm closing this thread for those reasons.
Not open for further replies.
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