keyword difficulty

  1. Myst3ry

    [GUIDE] Newbie Friendly Keyword Difficulty Checking ✅

    This is newbie friendly guide which will help you determine the keyword difficulty. Many of you ask and refer to some keyword difficulty numbers. In reality, none of them is correct. Why? Because each tool have specific criteria which determines the keyword difficulty and that can be far from...
  2. kurosaki4d

    Is Ahrefs keyword difficulty metric reliable?

    Hello, I've been using Ahrefs and Kwfinder for my keyword research for a while now. However, i have noticed something weird in Ahrefs, when i find a few keywords with a 4 value keyword difficulty when i check the same keyword in Kwfinder i get a keyword difficulty of around 30-45. This is a...
  3. E

    [FREE] Amazon Keywords 3000+ Searches / KD < 5 / DA < 20

    Hi, I've been doing a lot of keyword gathering while doing research on finding "easy keyword". I've tried using KGR, finding lowest DA on top 10 SERP, and using Ahrefs KD. I've compiled quite a list, and would like to share it with BHW community. Here are some stats: Here's how we...
  4. _Venom_

    How to analyze more keywords at once?

    How to analyze more keywords at once. I mean Keyword difficulty, monthly search volume, number of results in SERP, the average number of words in posts in TOP 10, etc...
  5. alexio

    [Need Advice] SEO KD slow or not ?

    Hello, I'm using since years my own tool to get a keyword difficulty score. Mainly because none of the actual tools is making what I want (and believe me, I think I tried 99% of them) I'm thinking to make a SAAS of the tool, but I'm looking for advice To make my tool accurate, I'm grabbing...
  6. Holzr

    [Ultimate Guide] How to Analyse SERP and Keyword Competition

    Edit: Some of the pictures seem to be broken for me, can you let me know in the comments if they are for you and I can see about uploading them to somewhere like Imgur and updating the images on this guide. Does this sound like you: Find keyword on keyword research tools such as Ahrefs or...
  7. kn1ves

    [Guide] Analyze Your SEO Competition Without Spending A Dollar

    Many people believe that 'Keyword Research' is the most vital part of SEO and I couldn’t agree more. If your keyword research is spot on, half the battle is already won. However, when it comes to doing keyword research people tend to analyze competition only by third-party metrics provided by...
  8. seocrab

    The Beginner's Guide to Free Keyword Research

    In my opinion, keywords are the most important element of SEO. Bad keyword decisions can lead to the failure of your SEO campaign before you even bother to write content or build backlinks. I see a lot of people making the mistake of chasing “big” keywords before they really know what they're...
  9. EternalFun

    HELP - Are these keyword metrics accurate or?

    I'm trying to get the keyword difficulty of this keyword and getting different numbers from different kw tools. serpstat - 33.05 kw finder - 41 moz - 50 sem rush - 70.65% keyword revealer - 48 All results are on google and I need it for SEO. Authority hacker gave KW finder and Ahrefs full 5...
  10. Holzr

    [Guide] How To Save $$ A Month On KWFinder

    Edit: I realise now the title may be a little misleading. Perhaps a better one would be: [Guide] How To Replicate KWFinder Scores Without Paying For KWFinder Note: I will be referencing mainly to this thread in this posts so open it in a new tab so you can refer to it and understand what I am...
  11. LonelyTraveller

    Should I go for these keywords?

    Hello everyone, I've found few keywords in a niche with Keyword| KD| Volume X| 2| 7K Y| 1| 9K Z| 1| 4K and so on. There are around 10-12 keywords with same metrics and search volume of around 1K. I want to build a amazon...
  12. D

    Reliable/accurate free/low-cost KW difficulty research tool?

    Hi, so I know there's KWFinder/Ahrefs (too expensive), Ubersuggest (not sure how to use properly; supposed to have a keyword difficulty metric but doesn't show it in search results), and Moz/ are options, I guess, but I don't know how trustworthy their KW difficulty scores are. I'm...
  13. seo warrior9

    Keyword Difficulty

    Hello Everyone i hope you are good.I have Question.Every SEO Expert says that Always check keyword difficulty manually.Please Explain that Which main points i should check manually of top 20 site to see KD.I want to start work on Amazon affliate site
  14. R

    Why do you use Keyword Difficulty estimation tools?

    Keyword difficulty estimators like KWFinder, Keysearch and KeywordRevealer are some of the online tools I've used over the last year, year and a half, for my website (no blog, just a simple HTML/CSS website). I keep seeing the SEO communities generally frown upon this type of tool as they lack...
  15. F

    Keyword Difficulty advice

    Hi, I am abit confused so hopefully someone on here can help. Semrush and Ahrefs so to different information regarding keyword difficulty, just say i got a keyword for my website which the KD is showing between 5 - 10 how easy would it be to rank those keywords? Thanks Abz
  16. R

    What's the best way to manually evaluate a keyword difficulty?

    I keep seeing/using free tool versions of KWfinder, Moz Keyword Explorer,, keyword revealer. They all seem to have the same type of keyword difficulty. SEMRush's values are very different and always more difficult. That's confusing to me. Experienced SEO professionals seem to frown...
  17. E

    Which Keyword Difficulty Tool Is More Accurate ?

    Which keyword difficulty tool do you recommend and why ? So far we got Keyword Revealer, KWFinder, SEMRush KD, Long Tail Pro. Each have their own algoritm to find "EASY" keyword and sometime the score differ widely among them. So which one do you think is more accurate ? If possible with...
  18. Blackgal

    Question about keyword competition and keyword tools?

    Hi, I might be a trivial question but still I will ask it: I noticed during my keyword competition analysis that sometimes long tail keywords are more difficult to rank (based on keyword analysis tools) than the related short tail keyword. It looks pretty illogical for me but is it a glitch on...
  19. scalli

    Different tools = different keyword difficulty?

    Hi guys For my new project I bought a well respected keyword research service from the marketplace to provide me with keyword analysis. The seller provided me with an in-depth analysis of all approx. 800 related keywords of my seed keyword. On that basis (monthly searches + competition I think...
  20. Mr Cracker

    Looking for some: TF/CF and PA/DA scores to aim towards/avoid when keyword researching

    Hi, I have been researching about keyword research and asked some questions on this other thread here: (posted inside the correct relevant forum, as this new thread has been...