keyword based content

  1. habibsoft

    ❤ AI Content Writing With REAL SERP Data ✅ GPT-4 ✅ SEO Optimized ✅ No Grammatical Errors ✅ Start Form $0.4 ❤️ Review Copy

    No frills. This is a simple thread for all BHW heroes! Are you seeking GPT-4 AI content for your blogging journey? You've come to the right place. I will start providing AI article services for any niche you desire. I'm confident that the quality of my articles surpasses that of previous...
  2. SEO Duke

    ✅Easy-Peasy AI Content Writing With ⚡Human Touch⚡ And Competitive ⚡ Keyword Research⚡ ✅

    Imagine a world where AI and human creativity join forces. Finding the perfect, low-competition keywords is a breeze. That's what we're offering here. It's not just about writing; it's about understanding, connecting, and making your mark. Ready to give your content a fun, easy boost? Let's get...
  3. SERP Buster

    Why Search Volume is an under rated matric? Tips to use it effectively.

    Search volume is one of the most commonly used metrics in SEO and one it is not often utilized as according to its potential. As there are many ways to gage a search volume estimate for an keywords, like using tools like Google keyword planner or by third party tools like Semrush, Ahref and...
  4. M

    Question on keyword research

    Hello everyone! I hope this is the right place to ask this question. I've been a content writer for a few years. Now, I am working on improving my SEO. Recently I have been sent a few lists to help get started on keyword research: 1. List of keywords given to me by client, that they want to...
  5. Task Eater

    What will be Low Competitive Keyword in 2023

    With the latest google updates, the SEO game changed a lot. Even the forums are pretty strong now. So, what do you consider as low competitive kws in 2023?
  6. crypto-dude-1

    Main Keyword on Homepage or extra landing page for it? (site structure)

    Hi guys, im runing multiple niche review websites and try to rank good for them. usualy i add my mainkeyword for example "gamingchair test" or "gamingchar review" on the frontpage with alot of more question. i try to cover all questions about that product on the homepage mostly more then 4k...
  7. thierry2010

    Golden Keywords for Affiliate Blogs

    Hello I've been lurching on these forums for a while and I know the struggle is real when it comes to making money! So here is my contribution: Keywords!!!! I enjoy creating Amazon Affiliate websites and writing content based around keywords to attract organic traffic which can be golden...
  8. illuminateme

    New Money Site Article Writing Service

    Looking for reviewers for our upcoming article writing service. Pricing and target will be mid-range SEO content with an emphasis on LSI keyword relevancy. Good for money sites and targeting long-tail keywords. Content will be handwritten by my team of American and Canadian writers, current...
  9. S

    How to use low quality, keyword stuffed content on your site?

    I imagine this question has been answered a few times on here, but I haven't found a solution. Every article I've read on google says to either remove or update the low quality content on your site. If that were true why are blog sites buying low quality articles? How do you use low quality...
  10. santi718

    Hi guys... Its nice to be here :)

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself and express my gratitude for being a part of this community. I'm a newbie in the affiliate marketing world just recently launching my first site. I got a little taste and I WANT MORE!!! haha Its addicting and lots of fun! :) I overpaid for my...
  11. S

    Keyword stuffing vs having a dictionary/glossary of construction terms on website too

    How would having my own electrical dictionary on my website affect the notion of keyword stuffing? Is it exempt? or will it go crazy dense? Do I try and internally link the dictionary definitions with the words being used internally in the site too?
  12. WrightWilliams

    When do you think keyword anchor text will be entirely dead?

    After Irwin Mitchell and others getting completely deindexed for using even diverse keyword-heavy anchor text within guest blog posts this last week - are keyword anchors - no matter what they are - on the way out entirely? Are we near a future where linking with anything other than the name of...
  13. S

    [How-To] Customize Content Based On Incoming Search Term

    How to insert custom HTML based on incoming search term. Why would you want to do this? Because it is in your best interest to give people the exact data they are looking for...they will stay longer and buy more. If they search for ?Laptop Repair? when your site is mainly focused on...
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