1. E

    Looking for cheap traffic (pixel traffic, junk traffic)

    Hello, Does anyone offer cheap traffic for websites? The following traffic methods are preferred: pixel traffic or popup traffic If you do supply cheap traffic, please don't hesitate to add me on skype: tazfan69 or drop a private message here on black hat world.
  2. F

    What do you gain out of spamming this forum

    Hi, I must be really bored to notice the amount of spammers on this forum but i dont seem to understand what do they gain out of spamming. they are not posting links but just comments so dont no the point in that. im seeing a lot of accounts which have been created this month with a lot of...
  3. S

    Hotmail to Hotmail emails getting Junked

    Very simple situation: made today 2 new email accounts in hotmail A and B. A sends email to B, msg goes to Junk,from its own hotmail servers,everything legit. Whats going on anybody knows? Same thinh happens for emails from gmail to hotmail, also get junked. However confirm email from...
  4. AnotherOne

    Multiple hack attempts blocked and a question for everyone

    Hi, Today a plugin notifies me of someone whose trying to access my WordPress site and when he failed he tried SQL injector to inject malicious code luckily my security settings don't allow him to do that. I blocked his IP and I'll contact his host and report that IP to him too. In last 7-10...
  5. spaceinvader

    My Review of Findology Junk Traffic (Avoid!)

    I read a lot of talk about Findology.com and where to buy junk traffic here on BHW. Most of the feedback was ok but this was not my experience so in balance i wrote this review. I joined FO about 6 weeks ago... Joining up When I joined I used a code for $50 free credit which I thought was...
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