1. lilkrito

    Why BHW Moderators don't make a Jr.VIP giveaways ?!

    Hi there, I always wondered why the administrators of the BHW community, don't make free giveaways (Jr.VIP giveaways) in the freebeies section, I guess it will help people to encourage them to renew it and give them a chance to new people (Not the newbies) to try it and use it, I hope my...
  2. wolfman1

    Selling outside the marketplace and signature rules

    Hello and thanks for your time ... I just read a dozen forum threads about "selling outside the marketplace" and confused myself completely. I'm truly sorry if these questions have been adequately explained in the past, but I have a few scenarios to run by you. Some of these questions are...
  3. RatSeaExclusive

    Do you regret buying Jr. Vip?

    If you regret it, post below why
  4. tattooedbuddha

    Let’s celebrate!

    I’m now blue! Anticipating the future years here at BHW. Great community to be a part of and learn more about IM.
  5. Pardesi

    I'm Blue

    Reddit+BHW helped me turn BLUE, So I guess more Reddit helpful & motivational threads will be coming in near future for all the newbies out there who want to make it into Reddit.
  6. splendiddog

    Yay I'm blue now

    Started with zero one month back and here i am already purchasing jr.vip. I thought it would take a long time to make money as i tried before but i failed. But i guess universe is supporting me right now. I'm so happy. I just wanted to share.
  7. Cheapsmmseller

    Upgrading To The Blue Badge

    hey guys i notice that we could only upgrade with paypal or stripe and due to that i couldn't upgrade i will suggest you add bitcoin payments to your upgrade payment method. I know it will do a lot of us good.
  8. Meerakat

    Glad to be a Jr. VIP :)

    I love this forum and I am actually addicted to it, which also means I was very excited to become a Jr.VIP and I am finally one. ;) Not gonna lie, the blue color is attracting.
  9. (MasteR)

    How to get qualify for Jr.VIP

    How do i get qualify for Jr. Vip Suggestions please
  10. The Gambler

    Looking for articles on know Magazines / News Websites

    Hello, Looking for someone who has connections to post full articles about a Tech Startup (SAAS APP) in very know Magazines & News websites. (This is for a client) Please send me a PM only if you're Jr.VIP (Non Jr.VIP will be reported). The PM should contain: The website TAT Price I will...
  11. Veil123

    [Giveaway] Jr.VIP Membership #2

    Hey, hey! As promised on the previous Jr.VIP giveaway thread (https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/giveaway-jr-vip-membership-1.1136795/), here comes the second one! - The requirements for this giveaway: At least 300 quality posts (posting methods, helping other members...) At least 200...
  12. Veil123

    [Giveaway] Jr.VIP Membership #1

    Hey folks! I had a really tough time with my business in the last few months, but thanks to the timely changes I did, everything is back in order. To express my gratitude to everyone on this forum (including all my previous/current/further clients) I am giving away 3 x Jr.VIP memberships (1...
  13. leadingsmm

    Fast question about upgrades

    so its being more than 60 days. More than 100 posts. But I don’t see any option to pay for Jr.vip? Is it a problem related to my account? Or it’s normal.
  14. Clare Jane

    Need Help for Jr vip upgrate

    HI Team, when i going to upgrate to Jrvip paypal is asking to add credit card due to subscription , but due to card blocked i cant add it now, is there any way to pay direct payment to BHW payapal and send transaction for team ? thanks for support
  15. ScribScribScrib

    YES, YES, YES - You should buy Jr.VIP RIGHT NOW

    NOTE TO MODS: This is a genuine money making method, so please read the post in its entirety before flinging it to the lounge. I can't go one fucking day on this forum without inevitably stumbling upon any of the following iterations of the same question 'should i buy jr.vip' 'is jr vip worth?'...
  16. KHR

    Jr.VIP Payment Problem...

    Hello, Mods Mistakenly I have canceled My BHW Jr.VIP Subscription from PayPal. And My Subscription Gonna Expires on Mar 9, 2018, at 9:16 PM. I want to pay the Jr.VIP Fee before it expires. When I am trying to resubscribe by clicking on "Payment Subscription Button", this sent me to PayPal...
  17. sesamee

    Jr. VIP Payment question

    " Please note - it may take up to 7 days for your payment to be processed! " Well that's kinda long, would it be faster if I pay by paypal or stripe ? After buying Jr. VIP where could I pay for thread in MP or would it just appear in Account Upgrades?
  18. jaysamuel

    I MUST Know!

    I just bought Jr.VIP because I'm very curious of the "Hidden Methods". I am impatiently waiting for the payment to be approved. Mods if you see this and can get me approved a bit faster I'd really appreciate it. ;) I can't wait and I'm so f*cking pumped!!
  19. blackpayman733

    JR.VIP Updated for 6th Time today! :D :D :D

    Hi guys I just updated JR.VIP for 6th time today! Happy to be blue colors for few more years! Thanks Blacky
  20. V

    ~ Just turned BLUE ~

    Yes yes yes, I just turned BLUE. ;) It's pretty awesome to see your name in Blue and I am really happy today. :D Cheers ;)
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