jr vip price

  1. CMG

    Jr Vips of BHW

    I've been thinking about giving back to BHW for the great info that's being shared. I am seriously considering upgrading my account and finally join the Blue "Squad" before I do, I want to know two things; How long will it take until I receive my PayPal monkey generator? (The most important...
  2. Josephines

    About Jr VIP

    Hi, Can someone tell me how to get/ buy JR VIP status ? is there any requirements for getting this Jr Vip status ? Thanks!
  3. William702

    Buying Jr VIP for someone else?

    I figured that there is not much point in paying for Jr VIP and premium membership for myself at the same time. I don't want to stop supporting the forum with those contributions though so instead of getting both for myself I'm going to renew the Jr VIP and pay for someone else to get it too...
  4. ScribScribScrib

    YES, YES, YES - You should buy Jr.VIP RIGHT NOW

    NOTE TO MODS: This is a genuine money making method, so please read the post in its entirety before flinging it to the lounge. I can't go one fucking day on this forum without inevitably stumbling upon any of the following iterations of the same question 'should i buy jr.vip' 'is jr vip worth?'...
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