jr vip forum

  1. emvam

    am i eligible for Jr. VIP

    on my post section i can see that i've over 100 posts but actually i have posted some and others are my reply so am i able to upgrade ???
  2. Elenmask

    Please help

    Hello Everyone, I am little bit confused to pay for Jr. ViP. Should I use my real details to pay? Or Details of the man who will pay for me ? Is there any problem if somebody pay me from abroad? I mean like I am from India /China still somebody can pay from USA/UK ? Can I pay from Payoneer...
  3. CarryMinati

    Carry is Blue Baby

    I was so eager to be on blue side and finally here. See you around blue brigades ;)
  4. bmanfacts

    Finally Joined the Blue Man Group

    After a long time on this forum, in & out, learning, participating [before taking a long break to focus on my projects], & eventually growing (income & skillset) with all the stuff I learned here, it was about time to turn blue. The last year + saw my $$$ grow alongside my ventures & projects...
  5. imonboss

    [Finally Jr VIP].... The Color HAS TURNED BLUE

    It was an amazing feeling to change my status from Senior Member to Junior VIP. This must be one of many things where you have demoted from Senior to Junior and You are excited as F**k :p Now, Where is my secret forum solely meant for Jr VIP only :D:D. Someone lead the way please. All i can...
  6. Brickbat1

    Jr VIP: The journey so far..yes well worth it to me..Your thoughts?

    So yesterday was my one year anniversary as a Jr VIP member of BHW.I renewed the membership without a moment's hesitation. Its been an interesting one year, learning, experimenting discovering and of course making money. It really has been worth the subscription and if you are looking on the...
  7. iamhunk


    Hello, i have joined this forum last year, now decided to join blue world (jr vip) i have paid for that last night with a card there have $98 but still there have $98 how long that would take? Thanks
  8. thetrash

    What's in the Secret Jr VIP Forum

    Someone told that Jr Vip forums have lots of secret stuff. What's in there? Any idea? What type of threads are there :P I will be waiting for 49 days more. Pretty excited about that :0
  9. sachintiwari

    Fiverr + SENUKExcr = "SEO SERVICE" (order unlimited - earn$$)

    Hii, First, I want to share this because one of THE { BHW MEMBER} suggested me to try this and earn money with this following steps-:: 1.-Fiverr + SENUKExcr = "SEO SERVICE" (order unlimited - earn$$) 2. Earn REAL MONEY BUT, I'm not sure that methods really work for fiverr (as selling SEO...
  10. seo warrior9

    Questions about Jr vip membership

    1st. How i can upgrade my account to jr vip and what's price? 2nd. what are benefits of jr vip membership?
  11. WowLancer

    Don't deal with anyone other than Jr. Vip on BHW

    Recently i have seen many Blackhatworld users messaging me and asking to provide a service. I would like to tell them all that non jr vip member is not allowed to sell any service here either on thread or privately and this rule is here for a reason, it will only protect you. I don't accept the...
  12. William702

    Buying Jr VIP for someone else?

    I figured that there is not much point in paying for Jr VIP and premium membership for myself at the same time. I don't want to stop supporting the forum with those contributions though so instead of getting both for myself I'm going to renew the Jr VIP and pay for someone else to get it too...
  13. ScribScribScrib

    YES, YES, YES - You should buy Jr.VIP RIGHT NOW

    NOTE TO MODS: This is a genuine money making method, so please read the post in its entirety before flinging it to the lounge. I can't go one fucking day on this forum without inevitably stumbling upon any of the following iterations of the same question 'should i buy jr.vip' 'is jr vip worth?'...
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