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  1. V

    [journey] Ai model OnlyFans. How to do id verification, subscription Channel, sell NSFW and % of conversion, face generation, video generation softw

    I'm an SEO professional. In the past, I had a 9-5 hour job at an SEO company. I purchased a house, a car, and save some money. However, I dont won't come back to a stable salary position. There is a substantial demand for AI-assisted text generation, AI_chatbots, the creation of AI_NSFW images...
  2. Whtbirch

    [My Journey] I make $1,000 a month just by using Telegram search. Next goal is $10,000

    Hi everyone, it's been almost half a year since I posted my previous post where I shared with you my desire to earn $1,000 per month and a few days ago I finally did it. Now I will tell you a little bit about what I had to do to achieve this goal. In the first few months of 2023, I was...
  3. Akiliz

    [Journey] From nothing to making 1k/month by march

    Hello BHW, Here is my journey to reach my first 1k before march. I literally start from nothing : -no experience -no money -no friend on the internet business I want to open a new chapter of my life. That's why, I'm ready to learn, to act and to be helpful with you guys. My plan : -learning...
  4. hims.000

    [Journey] Scaling A Blogger Directory Websites (DA 55) to 20K Visitors a Month (Site Hacked One Year Ago)

    When I embarked on my blogging journey, I was a complete novice, clueless about where to begin. I started to learn a lot of things, I have learned SEO, learned to build backlinks etc. While I'm still in the learning process, my strategy revolves around crafting compelling content and...
  5. dnzul


    Some of you might read my other post, so here's my initial idea. Recently, I came across a new substance called HHC, which is a synthetic cannabinoid. In my country, marijuana is illegal, and many people want to get high regularly but can't afford it due to its high cost and dangers. Since HHC...
  6. Whtbirch

    My first journey to $1,000 a month. What will come out of it?

    Hi everyone, Before I start my first journey, I'm going to share with you a little story of how I started making money online thanks to IM without having a penny in my pocket, as well as tell you about my minor successes that I managed to achieve by promoting affiliate offers. So, I started...
  7. J

    [Journey] Making 1k/Day by December with OnlyFans Agency

    Hey BHW, I'll be sharing my journey on how I get to 1k/day with my OnlyFans Agency by the end of December. About me... I recently joined BHW by googling OF related Info and the blackhat methods on here hooked me lol I'm not in the best position in life right now, all self induced of course...
  8. nogoowoc

    [Journey] Building an empire surrounding web development and digital marketing together - FIRST $250/mo

    I've been tired of doing nothing about chaning the path on how my life is going now. As a brazilian, been seen a lot of young ages like me (20s) earning a bunch of money online and building their empires for their future families and I'm here standing on my YT addiction. My origins are from a...
  9. J

    [Journey] Taking My Niche Site to the Moon

    Hello Everybody, I have been working on niche sites for more than two years now without significant success. I have taken the leap and want to give it all to my current project. Before we talk about the project in detail, here are a few things I need to get out of the way: I quit my day job...
  10. M0805

    (Journey) - Turning my DEAD Business To Money Generator $$$

    Hello BHW I currently have several IG pages that are inactive that have a good following and have had a huge reach. I earned from them the most from paid shout-outs and I promoted the YT channel where I got about 1000 views in 1 day all through Instagram. I think I can monetize such content...
  11. Z

    Journey to $1000/mo from a single tech blog.

    Hello fellow members. Starting this journey because I have been procrastinating for a very long time and its enough now, I will be posting here every Sunday about updates and my plan and see what happens. I plan to make around $1000/month from this blog by October 7, 2023. Current...
  12. Siddhant654321

    {Journey} $2.4k/Mo. SMMA Agency

    It's been quite some time since I have started using black hat world, but never posted anything. So, this is my first contribution. I have started a google ad agency recently. I currently have 0 clients but I am determined to change that number. I have decided to charge clients $1500 ($1000...
  13. E

    [Journey] $1k per month after 6 month by Blogging (AdSense) and Affiliates.

    I have decided to start with 4 websites, 2 general and 2 tech niche. My idea is give at least 6 months to each site with a focus on articles (handwritten). No A.I or rephrasing and SEO. P.S. I am working with fresh domains not expired domains. Website Types: 2 domains are general and will...
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